Lloyds TSB Advance Credit Card

Lloyds TSB Advance Credit Card

Lloyds TSB Advance credit card is best way to manage your funds because it's a low interest credit card through which you can redeem your money. This Lloyds TSB is a bank that issue Lloyds TSB credit card. It consist a lot of advance features such as low APR, Low balance transfer fee, no interest fee, Online Services like you can check your balance, CD history, balance transfer from one to another account, check your credit amount, and upload funds in account etc. The Cardholder can use this card anywhere in overseas. This Advance Credit Card gives you a 0% offer on purchases for the first six months, allowing you to spread the cost of your shopping and booking your holiday.


There are some advance features that are listed below:

  1. If you are Lloyd's credit card member then you can make purchases with 0% APR rate for the six month.
  2. The Balance transfer fee is 4.9% per annum for 12 month and you will have to pay within 90 days.
  3. The Representative Annual percentage rate is 11.9% on all purchases.
  4. They provide online services or phone services to their client anywhere means you can manage your account online or by phone.
  5. Lloyds bank gives you guarantee against fraud, and loss your card.
  6. It also offers many attractive services for their cardholders such as fraud protection services, security services, Active account monitoring services, Overseas Emergency services.
  7. Lloyds TSB ClickSafe® is used for security purpose. When you are shopping on the Internet in that case your personal information could be hacked. For saving your personal information the company provides you email-Id and personal password through which only you can make purchases with your card.
  8. Wherever the fraud will happen with your card, the fraud specialist will alert you to any suspicious credit card transaction.
  9. The minimum credit limit of this card £500. Your cash limit is 50% of your actual limit
  10. The cash withdrawal fee is 3% or minimum 3£.
  11. The Balance transfer fee is 3%, and a late payment charge is £12.


If you have any query contact at 0845 3000 000, on 00 44 1733 347 007 (or 01733 347 007 if calling from the UK).

For your business accounts call on - 0845 072 5555

Credit card queries - 0800 096 9779

If you have any query related to this card contact customer care no. which are given above or visit website http://www.barclays.co.uk