Vanquis visa card

Vanquis visa card

The vanquish visa credit card is a good credit card that is issued by Vanquish Bank which is located in Chatham. The Vanquis credit card is Designed for those candidate who has new to credit history or has bad credit card in the past. The vanquish credit card contains both features means such as most attractive as well as least attractive features for their Vanquis customer. 

The most attractive features of this card are no annual fee, Bad credit accepted, and Long-term interest free period. The Least attractive feature is no Purchase Protection, no travel insurance. The vanquish Bank gives many benefits and rewards with this credit card to the vanquish customer such as free additional cardholder, free fraud monitoring, and choice of card design.


The vanquish credit card consist the following features which are listed below :

  1. There is no annual fee for the vanquish credit card.
  2. The Interest free period is onto 56 days, after that the consumer will have to pay the interest on purchase.
  3. The consumer can make purchases at 2.84% monthly rate and 39.94% annual rate in participating retail shops or shopline with this credit card.
  4. The minimum credit limit of this card is £150 and maximum credit limit is £1,000**.
  5. The vanquis consumer also will have to pay the cash advance rate if they want advance cash against any credit with this credit card. The cash advance rate is 3% or £3, whichever is the greater.
  6. The vanquis cardholder can have copies of statement or credit statement at £5 each. A credit of statement or copy of statement will show all purchases and payments you have made using your credit card.
  7. For getting the vanquis credit card, the customer are at least 18 years old, they are new to credit or have a poor credit history, and permanent UK resident.
  8. If the cardholder didn't pay any interest or balance, in that case they will have to pay the late payment fee on purchases or anything £12.
  9. The International charge of this credit card is 2.99%.
  10. It offers free additional cards for their customer.
  11. The vanquis consumer can access your account through online such checking credit limit, credit statements, spending, bill payment, upload funds and online fund transfer from one credit card to another credit card.


The vanquis customer have any query related to this card call on 0871 770 5555

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