Achieve Card

Achieve Card

Palm Desert National Bank (PDNB) offers:-

  • Palmdesertnationalbank, offers you online banking and bill payment.
  • It offers checking & saving facility.
  • For the card user's handiness, it provides both ATM and Visa Debit Cards.
  • PDNB card allows you to purchase gifts for every occasion, but you can use it as credit card, means it is non reloadable card. You can make purchases in between $25 to $500.
  • You can also take the benefit of Safe deposit boxes, which allows you to store valuable things. Its charges are according to the box's size. The ranges of the charges are in between $35 to $120 per year and it will be automatically charged from your account annually.

Categories of credit cards offered by PDNB:

Business cards, Students cards, Eco-friendly cards, Secured cards, Prepaid debit cards, Cards for bad credit, Teen debit cards, Shopping cards, Charge cards, Low interest cards , Balance transfer cards, No annual fee cards, Credit reporting cards.

Achieve prepaid card:

Achieve master prepaid card offers you lots of facilities like: Direct Deposits, Bill Payment, Cash adding……and many more.

Cash Adding:-

In order to load cash in your account or we can say for cash adding ,you need to get money pack which is a safe way to fill your Prepaid Card(fees applicable). It's very easy to get this pack, you can find it at numerous shops in all over the country .The various merchants are Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, Kmart, Meijer, longs drugs, Fred Meyer, CVS pharmacy, Walgreens etc.

Direct Deposits:-

Direct deposit makes it suitable or convenient to reload your prepaid debit card without charging any fees. You would have to fill a form to set up the direct deposit with your Achieve Prepaid Card number then submit it.

Bill Payment:-

If you want to save your time while shopping, you can use your Achieve card in order to do online shopping. It's very easy and fast. You just need to login to you account then click on the link "bill pay" and start payments.

This card offers you various facilities like:-

  • You can do shopping online.
  • You can access you accounting details online.
  • It offers you 24 hours customer care service.
  • Make payments online.
  • You can do direct deposits free of cost.
  • There is no over draft fees .It means if you don't have money for purchases your deal will be refused and you would not have to pay any kind of charge.
  • You can load Cash at above 50,000 seller spots.
  • The charges for Card Application is free with Direct Deposit (Otherwise $9.95).

Apart from all this, Achieve Master Prepaid card offers you reward facility also. On every single purchase you will be awarded some points that you can redeem by biding them to the auction and can win attractive prizes.


  • You are allowed to make 12 purchases per day with a total amount of up to $2,500.00.
  • Minimum transaction amount = $0.01 and maximum = $1,500.00.
  • Every day you are allowed to make two times loading (minimum=10.00 per load, Maximum= $2,500.00 per day).
  • Maximum balance which is permitted in the Card account is $2,500.00.

Achieve card customer service:-

  • For activating a new card you can call on: call us: 1-800-206-2956.
  • For Customer Support, you can make calls on:1-800-486-0273.
  • For any other information you can check out the official website

Achieve card's main feature is that, it is a reloadable card, which is one of the safe medium to load cash in a prepaid .By using achieve card you can do shopping in all over the world. There is no need to have bank account. Achieve card is 100% approved, there is no credit check which is one of the best feature to improve your credit rating.


Q: Why should one have Achieve prepaid card?

Ans: If you use this card you don't need to bother about having cash in your pocket. You can use it where ever you want.

Q: Can I use my Achieve Card in order to withdraw money via ATM?

Ans: Card users can use reloadable prepaid cards for withdrawals via ATM.

Q: How much amount one can load to the achieve card account?

Ans: You can load cash starting from $20 to $500 on every MoneyPak and the maximum amount that you can load on Achieve Card at every time is $10,000.

Q: Is there any late fee and interest charges?

Ans: No, there are no charges regarding late fee and interest.

Q: Do I have to pay charges if I over draw my Achieve prepaid Card account?

Ans: In such type of cases, card user doesn't need to pay overdraft fee.