Saga Platinum Credit card

Saga Platinum Credit card

Saga Platinum credit card is the best low interest credit card. Saga Platinum credit card is type of Visa card that is issued by Allied Irish Bank that is UK based. It is designed for that individual who is 50 years old. It offers the most attractive features to their clients like low Representative APR rate, 0% fee on all purchases and Balance transfer. 

For instances, when you make a purchases in that case you don't need to pay the interest rate and there is no fees for any transaction in Overseas but outside only 1% commission charge. AIB (Allied Irish Bank) provides attractive features to saga platinum credit cardholder such Net-Banking system, a good reward programme that means you can earn points from the membership card and redeem it for future on purchases.


There are some advance features that are listed below:

  1. When you make purchases online or participating retailers, don't need to pay the interest rate for first 9 months.
  2. Saga platinum credit card offers 0% on Balance transfer for the first 9-month means only 3% you have to pay for handling.
  3. The Introductory purchase rate is 0%.
  4. There is no annual fee.
  5. The Saga platinum cardholder must make a minimum payment of £5 if less then £5 in that case you will have to pay 1% interest charges to the bank.
  6. The credit cardholder can use their card inside or outside the overseas because there is no international charge on transaction.
  7. The cardholder will have to pay £10 charges on late payment.
  8. The minimum credit limit for that credit card is £500.00
  9. Allied Irish bank offers some attractive benefits to saga platinum credit card holder such as Purchase protection, online fraud guarantee, manage account online, free additional card, and online facility.
  10. Individuals can apply only when they are 50 years old, good credit history, your income should be £12,000 per annum or more, you must be UK residents, and you must have bank or society account.


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