NatWest platinum credit card

NatWest platinum credit card

The NatWest Platinum credit card is a type of master card that is issued by Royal Bank of Scotland. Natwest credit card is designed for those individual who has good credit history. For getting this card, the consumer's age should be 18 years old, and permanent UK residents. A minimum income of £10000 per annum is required for buying this platinum credit card. 

It has also excellent features comparative to other credit card such low balance transfer fee, low purchases rate, fantastic discount, some financial benefits (like interest free period, some discount on the APR rate) and Net-Banking for their card members.


There are most excellent features that is given below:

  1. The Natwest credit cardholder can make purchases at 0% purchase rate for 3 months from account opening. After this period the purchase rate will be 16.9% on purchases.
  2. Balance transfer rate is 0% for 16 month when credit card member transfers the credit debt from one card to another card. Thereafter the annual rate for balance transfer will be 17.95%
  3. Sometimes credit cardholder wants cash against the credit; in that case the cardholder can have the cash in advance at the rate of 24.9% per annum.
  4. The credit card minimum limit should be £25,000 if less than that you will have to pay interest for that.
  5. It offers Online / Net- Banking Services such as Checking account, credit limit, Spending limit, CD history, for balance transfer, upload money, and bill- payment anywhere in shop or retailers.
  6. The Net-banking of Natwest credit card also offers some more online benefits such as you can set up alerts as a reminder when your payment is due, can see updated balances and transaction, and you can request a paper online.
  7. The Natwest card holder can manage their account online such as switch-off and on paper statements, request a statement paper online, request a credit limit increase, you can apply for additional cardholder, you can change address online and can view 3 months of transaction.
  8. There is no annual fee for accounts.
  9. It offers 1% discount on standard credit card rate mean 1% discount on APR for 12 months thereafter it could be change.
  10. This credit card also offers Natwest Travel Services means you can get discount on air tickets and hotels.


If you have any query related to this NatWest Platinum Credit Card go to the nearest branch or call on 0800 096 0220

General Product Information - 0800 200 400, +44 121 695 9238(overseas)

Card Loss or Stolen - 0870 6000459, +44 1423 700 545(overseas)

NatWest Platinum Card - 0870 909 3715, +44 870 909 3715(overseas)

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