Sainsbury's Gold Credit card

Sainsbury's Gold Credit card

SainsBurys is a financial industry that introducing a new competitive product, called Sainsbury's Gold Credit card for their customers to the market. The Sainsburys credit card offers a wide range of benefits, reduced Charges, and discounting interest rates. It is designed for those customers who demanding a card for both home and Abroad. The sainsburys credit card is designed for those individuals who have good credit history as well as having a permanent UK address and being at least 18 years of age.


There are following features of sainsburys credit are listed below:

  1. The Sainsburys gold credit card offers a variable rate on purchases i.e. at 9.94% purchase rate; the individuals can make purchases per annum with their credit card. If the cardholder makes purchases on their Sainsbury's shopping in-store, online and in petrol stations then it gives double nectar points to the individual.
  2. It offers some specific features such as interest-free cash withdrawals; no foreign exchange transaction fees, family travel insurance and no cash advance fees either in the UK or abroad.
  3. The sainsburys credit card contains a minimum credit limit is £1,500
  4. This credit card consist a very low monthly fee i.e. £5 through which the cardholder can redeem your money.
  5. The representative APR of this credit card is 20.1%
  6. The annual interest rate for cash advance is 24.9%.
  7. The sainsburys credit card offers reward points to their customer For instances-if the customer makes the purchase with this master card then they will get 2 reward points for every full £1 and 1 reward point for every other qualifying £5 spent elsewhere
  8. The annual interest fee is £60.00
  9. The interest free period is upto 46 days but after this period the consumer will have to pay the interest to the Sainsburys bank.
  10. There is no international charge.
  11. If the cardholder didn't pay the charge within the due date in that case, they have to pay late payment charges of £12 to the bank.


If the cardholder have any problem related to this card contact at

Credit Card Enquiries - 0500 40 50 60

Apply credit card - 0800 030 4418*

Lost or stolen cards - 00 44 131 549 8040*

Credit care and Card care - 0845 702 3839*, 0845 120 8366, 0870 850 6850

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