Bankwest Lite MasterCard

Bankwest Lite MasterCard

The Bankwest Lite MasterCard is an entry-level credit card, which is issued by Bankwest Financial Institution. The Bankwest credit card is designed for those individual who has bad credit card. The Bankwest credit card is a best way to manage your money in a right manner because it offers a guaranteed low rate credit card for customers. 

The Banwest lite credit card consists excellent features such as low rate credit card, lo balance transfer fee, interest free period for purchases, low annual fee, and a lot of reward programmes. Using this credit card, the cardholder can enjoy credit card features anywhere in world or in Overseas.


The bankwest master cards have a lot of attractive features that are given below:

  1. The credit cardholder can make purchase at 5.99% rate per annum on purchases for first 12 months (reverts to 10.75% p.a).
  2. If the customer wants to transfer the credit card debt from one credit card to another credit card then they (customer) will have to pay 5.99% rate for 12 months. After this period it could be more than 5.99%
  3. If the Bankwest credit card consumer can take advance cash against their current balance at 21.99% per annum with the bankwest lite master card.
  4. This credit card offers low annual fee $59 to their credit card members.
  5. The Interest free periods are upto 55 days on purchases. After this period the customer will have to pay interest to bankwest financial institution.
  6. The bankwest offers online services and phone banking means the card members can access your account online or through phone 24/7. For that, there is no online charge.
  7. It is low cost credit card but it doesn't offers any reward programmes or cash Back options.
  8. You can do unlimited transaction without any charge.
  9. The minimum deposit should be $2000 in the account.
  10. The customers don't need to pay the charges on monthly accounts.
  11. The credit cardholders can access your account to all of the ATMs across the Australia including ANZ, Bankwest, Westpac, and NAB. The cardholder can access money over 10,000 amounts. There is no fee for accessing the account.
  12. The bankwest lite master card can be used at 27 million outlets in the worldwide.


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