RBS platinum credit card

RBS platinum credit card

The RBS Platinum credit card is made for that individual who are RBS current account customers. The RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) is a Bank that issues RBS Platinum credit card to RBS customer. This platinum credit card contains several benefits and introductory offers on interest rates. For become a RBS platinum credit cardholder, you need to 18 years old with good credit history means the customer' s income should be at least £10,000 per year. 

The credit card offers a lot of benefits and rewards such as interest free periods more compare to other credit card, advance cash benefits, travel benefits in booking tickets and hotels, and also gives online services to the RBS customer.


The RBS Platinum Credit cards have a lot of attractive features that are listed below:

  1. The RBS credit card offers 0% APR introductory rate on balance transfers for 15 months from the opening account. The balance transfer fee is 2.9% with a minimum of £5. The annual rate of balance transfer is 16.9%
  2. The RBS credit cardholder can make purchases at 0% purchase rate for three months. The monthly rate of purchase is 1.313% and annual rate is 16.9% on purchases in overseas or worldwide.
  3. If the customer wants to cash in advance compare to credit the can have at the cash advance rate. The monthly rate for cash advance is 2.075% and the annual rate is 27.94%
  4. The credit card offers travel and hotel booking discount through which you can redeem your money.
  5. There is no annual fee of RBS credit card.
  6. This credit card has unto 55 days interest free period. After this interest free period cardholder will have to pay the interest on purchases.
  7. The credit limit of this card should be £25,000.
  8. Other benefits of this RBS credit card are- online services such as you can check your credit card account, pay your payment online in any shopline or retailers, you can review your credit limit after 6 month online, you can also increase your credit limit online.
  9. This credit card offers some other services like Internet Fraud guarantee, and free fraud text alerts.


Customer Service Centre - 1-800-747-8155, 203-551-3070

Customer Service for Lost or Stolen Cards - 1-800-443-0164 (24 hours a day/7 days a week)

Mailing Address

RBS Customer Service Department

PO Box 7092

Bridgeport, CT 06601

For more Details visit www.rbs.co.uk or www.rbsnb.com