Capital One World Master Card

Capital One World Master Card

Capital one credit card is one of the most beneficial credit cards with extra benefits and rewards that are issued by Capital one Bank. This low interest credit card contains rich features such as cash back rates, travel benefits, security and fraud protection services, online services for cardholder and High spending limit. The Capital One world master card is designed for those individuals who have more than £20,000 p.a. and age must be over 21 years.


There are some advance features that are listed below:

  1. The capital one credit card offers 1% cash back rate on purchases.
  2. The cardholder won't get penny (coins) on balance transfer, refunds, gambling and foreign currency purchases.
  3. Capitals One have one of the strongest of credit card fraud protection and security services for their customer.
  4. These master credit cards have the rich benefits like Internet fraud guarantee, active fraud protection that monitor your account for unusual activity and identity theft assistance.
  5. The card has representative APR is 12.9%
  6. The credit limit of this credit card should be £4,000 and Maximum should be £7,500
  7. The annual fee is £18.
  8. The interest free period is maximum 45 days. After that the credit cardholder will have to pay the interest to the bank.
  9. If you have to transfer the balance from one account to another account in that case, don't need to pay balance transfer handling fee.
  10. The Foreign currency conversion charge is 2.75% and the cash withdrawal charge is 3%


For getting the capital one credit card or if you have any query related to it contact at: 08444 812 812* or +44 115 993 8002(abroad)

Lost or Stolen Cards: 0800 952 5267

from abroad - +44 115 993 8002

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