O2 UK International Calling Card £5

O2 UK International Calling Card £5

O2 International call card is recently launched credit card in UK. It is also called O2 United Kingdom (UK) international calling card. A new O2 call card for those one who does travel very frequently.
That's why it is also known as O2 global card because you can use it anywhere in the world or outside UK or outside overseas.


The new O2 calling card contains numerous features, which are listed below:

  1. The O2 International Calling Card costs £5.
  2. It offers great quality connection.
  3. There are no vanishing minutes and no additional charges.
  4. It will be available over 20,000 participated retail stores across the UK.
  5. It offers competitive rate of 1p / min to the calling cardholders.
  6. There are no hidden charges, which includes connection charges, disconnection charges, maintenance fees or premium rate access numbers.
  7. You can call one simple access number.
  8. It offers lots of rewards like 10% of your top-ups back every three months, and you can redeem it for goodies like tickets the O2, extra credit high street vouchers, various accessories and new phone also.
  9. It's always free to receive a text when you are in Overseas.
  10. For checking your balance just dial *#10# and they will send your balance free of charge.
  11. You can activate your Voicemail by calling 1750 for voicemail 901 abroad.
  12. To receive your Voicemail Retrieval Number (VRN) dial 1780. If you forget this while in UK, call at +447802 090 100
  13. To send picture message you will need to be on a foreign network that supports GPRS.


"Telefonica O2 UK Limited" issues the "O2 UK international calling card" with various overseas benefits.


If you have any query or your calling card doesn't work call at the following numbers:

Pay & Go Customer Service

From your O2 mobile dial - 4445 (charge - 25p per call)

From a landline - 0844 809 0222 (charges - 5p / min)

For more details regarding phone numbers visit service.o2.co.uk

You can write them at:

Mailing Address

Telefonica O2 UK Limited Correspondence Department

PO Box 202

Houghton Regis


For more details visit website www.o2.co.uk