Baby talk £1 Calling Card

Baby talk £1 Calling Card

Baby talk £1 Calling Card is an UK based phone card or mobile cards. It is also an international calling cards mean you can use this globally. That's why it is also called Baby talk global cards.

Baby Talk PhoneCard Features

The babytalk phone card contains the following features that are listed below:

  • Babytalk is a good card to call globally.
  • This calling card is the perfect gift for baby baskets, baby showers and many more.
  • Baby talk provides 120 minutes of toll free talk time.
  • Per call you have to pay phone charges that deducts 10 minutes from card.
  • It is easy to use simply dial the 800 number that is present on the backside of the card and then follow the instruction.
  • You can buy this card at £ 1.25 but the actual value is £ 1.
  • The tariff and rate different for different locations via for national dial 0845, for local 0272 and for free dial 0800.
  • This card is valid only for 30 days after first use.
  • It is good mini card for all destinations in Asia, Africa and Middle East.
  • Press ## for follow on calls.
  • Press #5 for Redial, #1 for Save PIN, and #2 for Clear PIN.
  • The Daily charges and Connection Charges may be variable.

How To Operate / Use the Baby Talk £ 1 calling card

These are the steps that you have to follow for activation:

  1. Step 1st:
    Dial Access numbers that are given -
    Dial this number for free access 0800 376 9968 / 0800 564 2035
    For Local use the number 0207 993 7558 / 0207 075 2536
    For National Services call 0844 257 0083 / 0845 034 1922
    And For Payphone 0800 564 2035
  2. Step 2nd:
    At the given prompt enter PIN Number.
  3. Step 3rd:
  4. The third step is dial your destination with 00 + country code + city code + phone number.

Service Provider

The baby talk Services is provided by RNK Inc.

Customer Care

If you have any query call at the following numbers-

Customer Services- - 08712714391 OR 1.877.323.2486