Euromama Prepaid Calling Card

Euromama Prepaid Calling Card

Euromama is an international calling card that provides best calling features to their clients. It is one the most attractive phonecard that is available in a very low-cost. Euromama phonecard offers much lower domestic and international long distance rates than the regular long distance service from major phone companies. This card can be used with any phone even in hotels and airports. The euromama card, a prepaid calling card that allows you calls USA from certain foreign countries.

Euromama Phone Card Features

As we know that it is prepaid calling card that offers an array of best phone card features that are listed below:

  • Prepaid calling card.
  • By this calling card you can make call international as well domestic also.
  • Best Calling rates at low price.
  • NO connection fee charges.
  • It doesn't charge any maintenance fee.
  • The card expires 3 months after first use.
  • It can be used outside of the US.
  • It offers Toll-free, international, and local access numbers to access services.
  • 1 minute rounding.
  • Great for calls to Eastern and Western Europe, especially to: Russia 8.3c/min, Moscow Russia 4.1 c/min, St. Petersburg Russia 4.7 c/min, Bulgaria-Sofia 6.9 c/min, Czech Rep, Prague 6 c/min, Georgia 12.5 c/min, Budapest Hungary 8.6 c/min, Israel 7.1 c/min, Warsaw Poland 4.7 c/min, Ukraine, Kiev 7.9 c/min
  • Best quality of communication channels.
  • 5 c/min to call to anywhere in contiguous 48 USA states.

How to activate Euromama Phone Card Service

To activate the phone card services follow the steps from any Touch-Tone Phone:

  • Step First: Dial 800-access number (or Local Access Number if any) that appears on the back of your card.
  • Step Second:Follow the instructions, enter your PIN number.
  • Step Third:Follow the instructions, dial as you normally do:
    • For international calls 011 + Country Code + City Code + Local Number
    • For domestic calls 1 + Area Code + Local Number.
  • Step 4: To make another call, press the pound key twice (##) or a star (*) key and follow step 3 instructions.

Service Provider

The Individual can purchase it from the webstore like Global PAPA, EuroMAMA, and TeleTzar.

Customer Care

If you have any query regarding connectivity, quality or services please contact at-

Customer Services: 1-800-449-0445

Fax at: 1-617-812-0370

Email at: [email protected]

For Phone services related problems email at: [email protected]

Mail by:

PO Box 481,


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