Clear Choice Calling Card/ PhoneCard

Clear Choice Calling Card/ PhoneCard

Clear Choice calling card is best way to manage your spending on phone calls. Clear Choice Phone Card is an interesting and beneficial call card for customers. ECI, INC provider provides the calling card. There is no connection and maintenance fee. This card works within USA, including Hawaii, and Canada. It can call any country in the world.

Key Features

Some following features are listed below:

  • Clear Choice is a calling card provides the best services globally.
  • Available in variable price like $10, $20 and $50...etc.
  • NO Connection fee.
  • No Maintenance services charges.
  • It offers billing increment of 1 minute.
  • It will charge the communication fees of up to 17%
  • Payphone Surcharge 99¢
  • Auto recharge options
  • You card will be expired after 1 Year.
  • World best customer service, available 24/7 online or via phone also.
  • Pinless Dialling features means when you make a phone call from one of your registered phone lines then no need to enter your PIN number.

How to Activate Clear Choice Calling Card

Some few steps to activate the phone card:

  • Dial LOCAL access number, or Toll-Free access number
  • At the prompt, enter your PIN number.
  • Dial your destination number.
  • For Calls within or to USA, Canada or Caribbean dial the 1 + area code + phone number
  • For International Calls dial 011 + country code + city code + phone number
  • To place another call, do not hang up. Press # (pound key) for 2 seconds, then repeat step 3.

Card Service Provider

ECI, INC provider provides the Clear Choice Calling Card to the cardholders.

Customer Care

If the cardholders who holds Clear Choice calling card, have any issues regarding the services can contact at-

Customer Services: (877) 777-8954