Eufora Associate Prepaid MasterCard

Eufora Associate Prepaid MasterCard

Eufora Card is Prepaid Credit card is most popular secured card that offers benefit program to its consumers. The bank called "Bank FIRST Bank" issues this card. Eufora is designed for those individuals who have poor, fair, bad or no credit and would like to improve your credit history. It is only the prepaid card with mastercard benefits.

The Eufora Associate Prepaid MasterCard entitles cardholders to generate income by referring a new applicant to any of the Eufora MasterCards.

Eufora Associate Prepaid MasterCard Features

It is a prepaid card that offers list of features for their card consumers:

  • Prepaid card contains mastercard benefits programs.
  • Designed for those who would like to earn income by referring others.
  • Best prepaid card to improve credit history.
  • There is no monthly fee and application fee on the card.
  • 100% Guaranteed approval.
  • Offers a unique income opportunity for cardholders.
  • Cardholder refers a new applicant to any Eufora™ MasterCard® card level, that cardholder will earn $20 per year if the referred applicant is approved and maintains their membership in good standing.
  • It offers unique perk means, the cardholders can get chance to win a new car each month.
  • When you spend $100 on each and every purchase thereafter you will receive an entry in the car drawing, which features 30 different vehicles.
  • The card consumers have to pay annual fee of up to $29.95 per year.
  • Eufora Associate Prepaid MasterCard's consumers can refer any time to a new applicant. But when you refer to new applicants, you will receive $20 per year if that person is approved and keeps their membership in good standing.
  • There is one drawback with this card whenever you refer someone to the Elite or Preferred level cards, still you earn $20 commission and you will have to pay high annual fee.
  • The minimum deposit is $5 and maximum is up to $5,000.
  • Additional Card fee is up to $9.95.
  • The others fee applied on this card such as ATM withdrawals etc.

Card Issuer

The bank called "Bank FIRST" issues the Eufora Associate Prepaid MasterCard.

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