DOLPHIN £5 Calling Card

DOLPHIN £5 Calling Card

DOLPHIN £5 is a UK based Calling card that offers best calling card features. The attractive feature is it offers best calling rate in a best price. This Phone card can be globally used so it's also known as international calling card. If you buy Blue Dolphin phone card online, you can get 3% Cash back. It is a best quality calling card and easy connects with another network. The face value of this calling card "Dolphin Phone Card" could be variable $5.00, $10.00, & $20.00

The DOLPHIN £5 Phone Card Features

The collection of attractive features are listed below:

  • It is an international calling card means you can make calls all over the world in lenient price.
  • Best quality calling card.
  • Easy connect with other network.
  • The actual value of this card is £5.
  • Supplied by one of the most reliable prepaid phone card vendors - Blue Rock
  • Good calling rate in comparison to other calling card.
  • Using phone cards does not require international phone call services from cellular phone providers.
  • If your card doesn't work call the customer service number: 0207 028 0088
  • Connection and maintenance fee apply.
  • Valid for 90 days from the first use.
  • Toll Free and Local access numbers provided.

How to Use / Activate DOLPHIN £5 Calling Card

There are following steps for activating this calling card:

Step 1: Dial Accessible numbers:

Nationwide Access -0845 613 0032

London Local Access - 0207 993 1241

Free Access - 0808 008 7501

Payphone access - 0800 404 7662

Birmingham - 0121 004 1948

Bradford - 0127 404 0003

Leicester - 0116 004 2013

Manchester - 0161 004 2026

Step 2: Wait for "Welcome Message".

Step 3: Enter PIN number in the prompt box.

Step 4: Dial your destination number including full national or international codes.

Step 5: For follow on call enter # # #.

To save PIN enter *5.To cancel enter *9.

Last number redial enter *1.

Service Provider

The DOLPHIN £5 Phone Card can get from any of the retail shops. Their services is provided by the telecom company "Blue Rock"

Customer Care

If you got problem with this calling card call on: 0207 028 0088 or 1-800-413-0351. The customer line opens 24/7 in 365 days.