Speak n Save (Mangocard) Phonecard £5

Speak n Save (Mangocard) Phonecard £5

Speak n save mango card is a calling card which has a wide variety of benefits. It is UK based Prepaid calling card / phone card with unique features. This is also called "talk n save" phone card. It is designed for those individual who frequently does travel or for businessmen because the service provider provides great number of calling rewards and benefits and its services.

There are a lot of questions arises in people's mind with this phone card like how to use? What are benefits? what's the fee and charges? What are the services provided by this talk n save mango calling card / telephone card? What's the rating among all the calling cards? There are some unique and specific features and the instructions of use are listed below.

How to Operate / Work / Use Speak 'n' save five Phone Card

  1. The Speak'n'Save five-phone card is fantastic and good quality phonecard with great and specific services.
  2. A Speak and Save phone cards offers some specific features with the fee of £5 but the price rate of this phone card is £2.99
  3. The speaknsave phone card will be expired in 90 after first use.
  4. Dial no. for Access Services-
    • Dial no. for free Access - 0800 594 1222. You don't need to pay any phone bills for free access services.
    • Dial no. for Mobile Access- 02071241222
    • Dial number for local address- 08454516222
    • Dial number for Alternative Access - 020 7124 1222
  5. After that, listen the message that came from customer service.
  6. Now Enter the PIN that can be 10 digits.
  7. Dial the number whatsoever you wish to call with the area code or full international code.
  8. Press "# " to make a follow on calls.
  9. The talk n save phone card charges the service charges of 5p per day and the surcharges would be of 25p per minute.
  10. The can be charged connection fee that would be variable.
  11. The callers can earn rewards points with this calling card. When you buy a phone card from them, you will collect the rewards points through this card. The Rewards are: -
    • You will get 1 point for £5 phone card.
    • For £10 you get four points.
    • And 10 points on £10 phone card.

Service Provider

All the services of Speak n save phone card is provided by SA Services Ltd and issued by Onetel Telecommunications Ltd., which is registered in England, UK.

Customer Care:

If you found any problem with this phone card call customer care which open 24/7.

Customer Services- 0800 594 1333