First State Bank of Arcadia

Arcadia is a city, which is situated in Florida, US. "First State Bank of Arcadia" called "FSB Arcadia" situated in Arcadia, Florida is a private financial institution that categorized under State Commercial Banks. It was established in 1973, Florida. It has approximate 50 to 99 staff. The First state banks leading in personal as well business banking with rich rewards and benefits. The annual revenue of this bank is $100 to $500 million. The bank offers a wide variety of financial products and services to their customer.


State Bank of Arcadia offers a lot of products and services such as- credit card, Debit card. Personal banking and Business Banking of State Bank of arcadia offers the products and services individually.

The products are-

  • Consumer Credit cards -
  • Visa® Signature Card
  • Visa® Platinum Card
  • College Rewards Visa® Card
  • Young Adult Visa® Card
  • Secured Visa® Card

Business credit cards are-

  • Visa® Platinum Business Rewards Card
  • Visa® Business Travel Card
  • Visa® Business Card

The Services, which is offered by this bank are-

  • E-statement Services
  • Online Banking / Bill payment.
  • First Line Telephone Banking services.
  • Safe Deposit Boxes for protecting your valuable papers, heirlooms or jewellery.
  • The First state Bank of Arcadia offers America Express Travellers Check.
  • ATMs Facility. You can use your Visa Check Card or Business check card at any ATMs where the visa card or business card is accepted.
  • It offers many rewards to the Visa Rewards Credit account.


The FSB offers a lot rewards programme to their customer. The FSB rewards offered with no charge so it's a great opportunity for those who have FSB account. This credit card is offered without annual fee or less annual fee and 0% APR.

When you set up an FSBaccount you can get array of gift by the bank. Anytime when you make purchases by online, in stores, or by phone, you will earn points on purchases.

The FSB credit Cardholder can earn more reward points by Rewards Visa Cards likeCollege Rewards Visa® Card, Visa® Platinum Business Rewards Cards, Visa® Business Travel Cards and Visa® Signature Card. Whatever, you earn reward points through this credit card, can redeem it for discounted airfare, gift cards, or even cash.

The FSB credit cardholder can earn unlimited 1% cash back from travel, gift certificates, and merchandise rewards.


There is no award and Recognition of FSB ARCADIA bank.


You can access your account 24/7 hours. If you have any problem or any query call at-

Customer Service or for lost or Stolen Check Cards - 1-800-236-2442

Automated Telephone Banking- (863) 494-6789 or Toll Free (888) 406-2220 x 301

The First State Bank of Arcadia has three offices at different locations -

North Arcadia Office

400 North Brevard Avenue

Arcadia, FL 34266

(863) 494-2220

Fax: (863) 494-1554

Toll Free: (888) 406-2220

Drive Thru

335 North Brevard Avenue

East Arcadia office

2747 SE Highway 70

Arcadia, FL 34266

(863) 993-1500

You can mail them at - [email protected]

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Today era, the net banking or online banking are becoming more famous than manually. Net banking is a web-based banking, which allows to the customer for accessing the account. The FSB online banking offers a lot of benefits to the customer means if you access your account online you can earn more rewards and benefits. Like other banks, it also provides checking account, credit card spending limit, online bill payment, and cash management. Through, you can shop online also.

How to Enrol FSB (First State Bank of Arcadia) Bank Account: To enrol a FSB account you need an account number. Firstly you will have to sign up for creating an account and then you can access your account-

  • Go to ""
  • Click on Online banking
  • For enrolling account click on "Enrol" and then
  • Fill up the Form what they have given. All personal information is required for enrolling the account then,
  • Click on "Proceed" button.
  • If you want to pay your bill then click on "Online Banking/Bill Pay"
  • For E-statements click on "e statement"

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