First Navy Bank: Pensacola

First Navy is a Commercial bank that is insured by Federal Reserve(FRB) and established in 1973. It is located in Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida with full loan products and their services.

First Navy Bank provides checking and savings accounts, and low interest loan services to our members worldwide and in overseas also.

First navy bank develop your business implementing with new technologies to make banking more convenient, safe & accessible.


1st navy bank offers several products and services to military community or the customer. The Products and services, which is offered by first navy bank are online banking Services, Bank accounts, Foreign Currency, IRA, Loans, Credit Card.

An online banking service offers bill payment and online banking to their customers.

The Banking Products are: Checking and Saving accounts. Checking account includes US Bank Club, Services First account, Regular Checking Account, Now Account, Money market Deposit account while the saving account includes Regular Saving Accounts and Certificates of Deposits.

Loans: it offers two types of loans such as signature loans and Auto loans.


Numerous rewards and benefits that offers 1st navy bank are:

  • It offers Internet banking like bill payment and much more online facility.
  • It offers financial products and services Deposit account, Loan account, Credit card account and Safe deposit box
  • Free Travellers Checks with US bank club.
  • US bank Club offers Free Money Orders, Cash Back Member Rewards , Eye Care & EyeWear Plan, Overdraft Protection up to $200 with direct deposit and Discount on Safe Deposit Boxes.
  • If you apply for a loan, can enjoy the advantage of an unsecured credit line up to $2000.00 with them.
  • An annual interest rate of 9% APR and a one time membership fee of $10.00 with signature loan.
  • The Auto Loan offers low interest automobile loans.


Right now there is no awards.


If you got any problem with this bank call at

Customer Services: (850) 453-3411 (800) 874-3121

Accounts department: 800-874-3121 or locally at 453-3411

Loan Banking: 1-800-874-3121 or locally 453-3411.

You can write them at:

Postal Address First Navy Bank

Naval Air Station Pensacola,

FL 32508-1098

Ph no - (850) 453-3411 (800) 874-3121

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The first navy bank is a commercial bank that offers online services with full security. It offers Internet banking / net banking and online bill payment services for their loyal customer. The first national bank account holder online banking you can view your transaction, manage your account and apply for loan also.

How to enrol 1st national bank account:

To enrol an account you need to have some personal and account details in your hand if you are a new customer. For existing customer, need only account number and password.

  • Go to the site
  • Click on online banking, a new window open.
  • Fill User Id and Password & then click on submit. Now you can access your account.

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