Orchard Bank Secured MasterCard

Orchard Bank Secured MasterCard

Orchard secured credit card is one of the best option to rebuild your credit ratings. It offers 7.90% (variable) APR on purchases and there is no charge for annual fee for first year. Services offered for the secured card are much similar to unsecured card. Appliers need only to submit at least $200 to the card.

Services offered by orchard bank are:

One can enjoy internet banking 24/7.

Card users can access accounting details via internet services.

You can get alert messages or emails to know about the existing balance.

You can utilize your card at more than millions of places.

Card holders can make purchases and the make the payments of bills online.

Lost or stolen card reporting

100% Fraud Liability Protection

You can use the card for cash advances through ATM's

The ability to set ones personal customized spending alerts.

Issued by HSBC Bank Nevada


There is no annual fee for the card for the first year and then after the bank charges $35 for it. (This feature will help you to save your money.)

The annual Interest Rate for Purchases, Balance Transfer and Cash Advances is 7.9%.

Customer care details:

  • Customer care number for general issues = 1-503-293-4037
  • For Lost or Stolen Cards = 1-800-283-8373
  • For Technical Support = 1-866-904-2147


Q: How many days it takes to deliver the orchard bank card?

Ans: It takes at least 10 functional days to deliver the secured card.

Q: On what number I should call if I lose my master card?

Ans: To register report of lost and stolen card user can make call on 1-800-283-8373.

Q: Can I access my card account online?

Ans: Yes, card users can access the accounting details online and can also keep track on the past records.

Q: How much security money I will have to submit if I apply for the secured card?

Ans: You need to submit minimum $200 as your security money.

Q: Could I change my secured card in to unsecured card and how?

Ans: Yes, you can easily transform your secured card in to unsecured card by making all payments on time.