Barclay Gold Credit Card

Barclay Gold Credit Card

Barclays was the first one who provided online banking and also having numerous customers. It provides worldwide access.


Barclays gold credit card provides the benefit of improving card ratings.

It provides contactless payments.

It provides reward money.

It provides identity protection services.

It provides a chip and pin number (this is a unique number for safety from frauds).

It provides help by monitoring fraud.

It provides protection of loss and damage if customer purchase through Barclay card.

Issued by:-Barclays bank

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum age must be 21

In the last 12-month payments of credit card must not be pending.

Only those who have no record of Bankruptcy can apply for the card.

Card Users who already have a Barclays card cannot apply.

Minimum standard income should be £17,500 p.a.

Appliers should have usual card rating.

Contact number:


Or +44 1604 230230 (in case you are outside of the country).


Can one improve his credit rating on using Barclays Secure Credit Card?

Card users can increase the card rating by making all the payments on time.

Where can I call if I have some problem regarding Barclay's credit card?

Card users can call on the customer care number (08448119141).

Is there any annual fee charged for the Barclay's visa credit card?

No, there is no annual fee.

Where can I use my Barclays No Annual Fee Card?

One can use his/her Barclays Card at numerous places where Visa Card acceptance is displayed.