MiCash Prepaid Credit Card

MiCash Prepaid Credit Card

MiCash is considered as the supplier of financial services. It offers companion debit cards, payroll debit cards, general purpose, prepaid debit cards etc and card holders can easily reload these cards at more than 50000 places in the entire US. One can make use of one's card at above million ATMs.

User can easily transfer cash from his/her Mi-cash Card to the other card (companion card).
Micash card makes it feasible to perform transactions on daily basis as user can pay bills online, make purchases, can transfer cash and many more.

One can use this card everywhere as it is globally acceptable.

Applier can apply for Micash card even with bad credit history as there is no credit checking.

One can use this card anywhere master card is accepted.

You can load you pre paid card through direct deposit or by buying Green Dot Money Pak.

Cards can be reloaded by various retailers like Wal-Mart, CVS, Rite-Aid, K-Mart etc

Mi cash offers its facilities to:

Small businesses:

In case of small business if your staff does not have any bank account, you can suggest them to apply for the MI cash prepaid cards so that they could direct deposit their salary to their card account.

College student:

Mi cash card is the best option for college students as they can purchase books from store or online, shop clothes, food, bill payments etc.

Appliers with bad credit history:

Appliers with bad credit cannot apply for the bank account but they can apply for the mi cash card as it offers various facilities like No charges for overdraft, no check system, no cash checking fee, no minimum balance required etc

Issued by MetaBank

Rates applicable for transactions:

For the management of Card's Account online = no charge

For direct deposit = no charge

For the activation of card = $9.95

To inquiry ATM's balance = $1.00

Card replacement charges = $10.00

To find more information kindly visit the official website www.micash.net


Q: How many days will it take to give me my mi cash card?

Ans: It can take minimum 7 and maximum 10 working days to get you your new MIcash card through mail.

Q: On what contact number I should make call if I lost my card?

Ans: User can call on 1 (877) 642-2744 to shift your entire cash to the new Micashcard.

Q: How can i take the benefit from text alerts?

Ans: You just need to visit website www.micash.net & log in to your account to apply for the text alerts.

Q: How much I will be charged to activate my prepaidcard?

Ans: You will be charged only $9.95 to activate your Micash prepaid card.

Q: Is this possible to apply for the card with bad credit history?

Ans: Yes, appliers with bad credit history can apply for their card as there is no credit check.