Spectrum Credit Union Debit card

Spectrum Credit Union Debit card

Spectrum Debit Card is a reloadable card through you can manage your spending in right manner. It is one of the best cards so the customer can use it anywhere in the world where visa logo mark accepted.

Perks and Features

  • It is a Prepaid card or debit card.
  • You can access this Debit Card where Visa Logo mark displays.
  • The cardholders can pay online bill payment without any fee or at very low rate.
  • No annual fee
  • Use it like a credit card.
  • Access accounts and get cash from ATMs.
  • Funds automatically debited from account.
  • Make deposits at Exchange Deposit Sharing Network ATMs.
  • Offers best customer service.
  • 24/7 online account access means review you account details, balance transfer from card-to-card, or one-to-another-card, online e-statements, or many more.
  • Card is safer than carrying cash.
  • It's a debit card so spend those what you have uploaded to card account.

Customer Care

If you have any issue contact to Credit Union Service Centers-

Customer Services: 800-782-8782 ext. 6560

Phone 415-777-3960

Call at Administration Branch: 800-782-8782, 415-701-3500

Fax 415-777-2331

Write them at:

Postal Address

Spectrum Federal Credit Union

50 Beale St.,

Lobby - San Francisco,

CA 94105

Send or Mail Payment at:

Postal Address

Spectrum Federal Credit Union

P.O. Box 193919,

San Francisco,

CA 94119-3919

For more details www.spectrumfcu.org