NAB new multi-currency pre-paid card Reviews

NAB new multi-currency pre-paid card Reviews

NAB new multi-currency pre-paid card is best prepaid card will come with multi-currency from 23 April for elite customers. NAB traveller card has been designed around the customers. The NAB bank won't charge customers fees for using ATMs overseas. According the name, the card can be loaded with up to 10 different currencies.

Key Features

The NAB new Travel card contains an array of features that are listed below:

  • Type of Travel Card.
  • Card has ability to load up with 10 different currencies on the one card and lock in exchange rates before they travel.
  • No charges when you swap card through ATM in Overseas.
  • Available at any NAB store in Australia from 23 April.
  • Offers greater security and flexibility to manage their money when travelling.
  • Universal Acceptance card where MasterCard is accepted.
  • Using the card, the cardholders can manage their money quickly and securely.
  • Customers will be able to lock in exchange rates before they travel and also know exactly how much money they have in the local currency to spend.
  • The card also available online by registering their Card details at
  • You will able to check transaction history and Card balances.
  • The NAB multicurrency card has reload options using BPAY® or at any NAB store.
  • Chip and PIN protected.
  • No point of sale (POS) fees charged by NAB when using the Card to pay for goods and services at over 32 million MasterCard® locations worldwide.
  • Receive a second Card upfront at no extra cost. A replacement Card is also provided at no additional cost if both Cards are lost or stolen.
  • 24/7 customer services.
  • NAB currency to currency foreign exchange rate will apply.
  • Initial card load fee and reload fee of 1% of AU$ equivalent load amount.

Card Issuer

The 'NAB new Multicurrency Prepaid Card' is issued by the bank called 'National Australian Bank ('.

Contact details

If you have any issue or want to know more details, call them at 1800 033 103 within Australia or +61 3 8641 9121 from overseas, 24 hours, 7 days.

Credit card enquiries: 1300 650 456, 1300 730 213 24

Lost or stolen credit cards or debit cards: 1800 033 103, + 61 3 8641 9121

For more information visit the official website: