Zecco Forex (Best Forex Brokers 2012)

Zecco Forex is a division of Zecco trading it does not charge commission for the Forex trades instead of that they compensate through the difference between Bid and Ask prices of the traded currency pair.

Zecco.com (Zecco Holdings,Inc) launched the spot foreign exchange market trading through Zecco Forex and also in the same year it also launched gold and silver trading through Zecco Forex.

It provides good trading platform, great customer services and reasonable market policies.Zecco Forex is affiliated to Zecco Holidings but it is a separate company.

Features & Benefits Of Zecco Forex

  • Simple, easy to use.
  • 24/6 support by phone or live chat.
  • Low cost trade prices.
  • Social networking or investment community.
  • Forex research.
  • Real-time quotes in 48 currency pairs.
  • 24-hour news headline.
  • Forex mobile trading service.

How to open a Zacco Forex Account

There are two types of accounts of Zacco Forex you can choose and open account that is suitable for you.

Standard Account:-The standard account option is a good option for those who already have some experience of online trading want a big contract size. The minimum deposit for a standard account is $2,500 and the contract size is 100,000.

Mini Account:-Mini account is comfortable for those who do want the very big contract size and are new in the field of Forex trading.The minimum deposit for the mini account is $500 and the contract size is 10,000.

You can open your online account on thewww.zecco.com in some steps firstly you just have to create a user name for your account after that open your trading account.

Customer Care

In case you have any queries or want some more details regarding Zacco Forex then please contact on the following details


877-700-STOCK (7862)

+1 818-459-4591(Out side U.S.)



Mailing Address

Zecco Trading

PO Box 10010

Glendale, CA 91209, USA