UPside Visa card

UPside Visa card

UPside card is a visa type of prepaid card that offers the visa card features for their customer. The upside visa card offers financial services and online services to the cardholder. It is designed for those consumers who have bad credit or no credit. It also offers Student visa card for those students whose ages are between 13-25, and their parents. The UPside student visa card is full of parental control means the parents can control Childs's spending limit and can upload the funds on upside student visa card from their own credit card or checking account.

UPside Visa Card Features:

The UP side visa prepaid credit card contains few most attractive features like no credit check is required and a lot of rewards programme and the least attractive feature is monthly fee on account. Some following features are listed below:

Rewards and Benefits:

  1. The upside debit card does not require bank accounts but does require advance payments, and there is no processing fee for that.
  2. This prepaid card reduces the costly fees and (APR) rate through which you can upload funds at more than 50,000 retailers.
  3. The UPside offers free rewards programme. Through this rewards programme, the cardholder can get cash back points.
  4. The card member can earn 10 points on each dollar when they spent on participated upside malls or retailers.
  5. You can earn 1,500 points when you activate your card and receive your first direct deposit on the card.
  6. The card member redeems your points on $20 credit to your account.
  7. The UPside issuer also offers Student Visa card for college students, who stays outside country.
  8. Saving is unto $220 compared with other cards.
  9. Earn 5 points per dollar spent on prepaid cell phone service purchases.
  10. 100% approval with no credit check and no activation fee.

Fees and Charges:

There is no activation and yearly fee.

Direct Deposit fee - $0

Load funds from other debit or credit cards- $2.80 per load.

Cash withdrawal fee is $1.70+ATM provider charge

Balance enquiry fee is $0.99

Card replacement fee for standard is $9.95 and for express delivery is $14.95

Foreign currency conversion fee is 2%.

UPside Visa card Issuer :

The issuer is META BANK

The website is

Reload Limit:

  • The Direct deposit limit is above $10,000/ month.
  • The Cash reload at retailers should be above $5,000 per month.
  • Maximum balance at any time should be $10,000.

Customer Care:

If you have any query related to this debit card contact at (866) 845-6273

Postal address

Upside Cardholder Services

PO Box 550160 Ft. Lauderdale,

Fl 33355-0160

UPside Visa Online services / Net-Banking:

The Meta Bank offers Net-Banking system to the upside card member with extra features, benefits and rewards programme. The Online banking or net banking protects your personal information from hackers. It also saves time of businessmen.

How to enrol the UPside Visa card Account:

There are few steps that are listed below:

  • Go to
  • Click on "sign up" which is given upside.
  • Remember that the upside member should be UK residential.
  • Select the option whatever you want to know according to the rules.
  • And then click on "Continue" for processing.
  • Select the type of "upside visa card" then,
  • Fill the Form that is given by upside visa issuer.
  • Now you can access information about your account.