Titanium MasterCard

Titanium MasterCard

RAK Bank titanium credit card is type of MasterCard credit card that is issued by RAK Bank. It offers exclusive benefits with low interest rate and no annual fee and lots of cash back rewards programme. The RAK bank titanium credit card is a MasterCard that categorized into the personal credit card, offers a wide range of benefits.


It contains numerous benefits, which are-

  1. No annual fee.
  2. You can make purchases at low interest rate.
  3. You can get cash advance of up to 50% credit limit.
  4. It offers discount on dining and shopping.
  5. You will have to pay only 3% monthly payment.
  6. You can pay bills at any RAKBANK ATM or EDM, UAE Exchange, Redha Al Ansari Exchange, Al Ansari Exchange, Al Fardan Exchange and Sharaf Exchange outlets.
  7. Exclusive Global discounts and privileges on Premium brands and Hotels.
  8. It offers automatic purchase protection without any charge.
  9. You can get Supplementary Cards without any charge.
  10. It offers 5% cash back on all international transactions and 3% on all retail purchases.


The Service Provider of this Credit Card is "RAK BANKS (UAE)".


For more information, please call us on 04 - 213 00 00

Customer services- +97172062222

For more details visit www.rakbank.ae