Telco Phonecard £1

Telco Phonecard £1

Telco is a telephonic card or calling card, which is issued by Onetel Telecommunications ltd. Registered in London. The Onetel telecom company is a part of TalkTalk Group that provides the services to the telco phonecard. Telco is most popular calling card that offers a wide variety of rewards and benefits to the telco phonecard customer. People can have benefits after dialling access numbers.

How to Use / Operate Telco Phonecard or Telco calling cards:

  1. It is the best option for callers because it offers various pre-paid phone services to you, or to the customer.
  2. There are following instruction rules of accessing the phone services of telco phonecard like:
    • Dial number for Free Phone Access - 0800 594 3345
    • Dial For Local Address- 0845 451 3345
    • For London Access Dial- 0207 124 3345
  3. Listen Welcome message and then enter PIN number at the Prompt Box.
  4. Enter Destination Number whatever you wish to call. Dialled Destination number should be with full national and international code.
  5. Don't insert the telco card in telephone. It is used in touch-tone phone.
  6. To make a follow on call press ##.
  7. For redialling last number, dialled on PIN press*7.
  8. The maintenance fee i.e. would be applied after first usage.
  9. If you phone card is not working call at 0870 794 3845.
  10. The Connection fee and maintenance may be applied.

Service Provider

The "Onetel Telecommunications Ltd" issues the Telco Phone card, which is in London, UK.

Customer Care:

If your phonecard does not work or any query with this call at -

Customer Services- 08454510545

Email at- [email protected]

Postal Address-

Onetel Telecommunications Ltd

11 Evesham Street

London W11 4AR