Prepaid Visa Purple Diamond Rush® card

Prepaid Visa Purple Diamond Rush® card

Purple Diamond visa card is a prepaid visa card that is planned for UK residential with maximum security and protection. The Purple diamond visa card is designed for those individuals who is very good in credit history and have ability to pay monthly and annually charges of this rush card. This rush visa card is purple in colour that is issued by "Bancorp Inc". 

The purple diamond visa rush card brings forefront customer satisfaction with many benefits such as numerous Deposit options, low fees and online benefits. This prepaid credit card comes with online bill payment, online account management and 24hr customer support for their customer who keeps this visa card. This visa card is also beneficial for those individual who does frequently travelling. Its can also be used for booking tickets and hotels with many facility. But all these things depend upon your credit, how much credit you uploads on your visa card.

Purple Diamond Visa Rush Card Features:

The purple diamond visa credit card also contains some specific features with fees and charges that are listed below:

  1. This is a type of visa card for bad credit, which is instantly approved within few days.
  2. This prepaid credit card contains some most attractive features like instantly and guaranteed approval, and helps for build credit.
  3. It offers 100% guaranteed for their customer against fraud.
  4. There are some more benefits like you can track your spending limit, send checks online, online bill payment services, can improve your credit scores online.
  5. The other benefit is you can get instant account information with email and text alerts. By applying this you can safe and protect your account information as well as personal information.
  6. It also offers online card account access.
  7. You can get rewards with this visa card when you refer this rush card to your friend.
  8. There are some least attractive features with this prepaid visa card such as you have to pay some monthly charges to the visa card issuer.
  9. For opening this visa credit account, the opening amount should be at least $10.00
  10. The ATM fee of this visa card is $2.50
  11. ATM balance inquiry fee is $0.50 and ATM withdrawal fee is $2.50
  12. The Card activation fee is $3.00 & the monthly account Maintenance fee is $9.95
  13. If you have to replace this visa card due to some problem, the charges is $9.95
  14. The monthly inactivity fee and online statement is free of cost.
  15. The Rush bill pay transaction is $1.00


You can email Customer care at : [email protected]

OR CALL AT: 866-RUSHCARD (866-787-4227)