Penny Talk USA Calling Card

Penny Talk USA Calling Card

PennyTalk is a popular rechargeable calling card offering great; low calling rates around the world. It is one of the best calling card that is available in United State, United Kingdom and also in Canada. It gives the best calling service to the customers. That's why it is becoming more famous worldwide. The customers or cardholders can make call domestic and international both at low rate.

Key Features

The PennyTalk Calling Card/ Phonecard has taken-up by an array of best calling card features that are listed below:

  • Pennytalk is international calling card provides the services globally.
  • No-PIN Dialling feature.
  • Best quality connection to connect your calls faster.
  • It offers PennyTalk Save-orites. With PennyTalk Save-orites you can make call to friends and family around the world at 20% savings.
  • PennyTalk customers can set up their Save-orites in the online account center.
  • NO additional charge for the Save-orites feature.
  • It also provides PennyTalk's Auto Recharge feature.
  • You can make calls from over 30 countries, including country-to-country calling, with toll-free international access numbers.
  • You can get $10 calling time when you refer the pennytalk calling card to your friend or family.
  • The Card also gives you the best opportunity to earn bonus minutes.
  • . The customers can earn up to 400 bonus minutes every month.
  • In the PennyTalk Account Center you can check rates, review your call history, add funds to your account, set up Auto Recharge, manage calling features and more.

How to Make Calls from PennyTalk Calling card


A number of steps, simple follow the instructional and make your calls successfully. You can use the pennytalk phonecard services from your home phone or cell phone.

Make Calls from your Home Phone:

  • Dial 877-PENNY-25 (877-736-6925) from anywhere in the U.S or Canada
  • Hear-up the "Welcome" message. For Spanish, dial 866-320-3075.
  • When prompted, dial your 10-digit account number followed by your 4-digit PIN.
  • For calls to the U.S. and Canada, dial 1 + area code + the number you wish to call, when prompted.
  • For other countries, dial 011 + country code + city code + local number.

Note: drop any leading zeros from the country or city codes; for example, if the code is 014, dial 14.

Make Calls from your Cell Phone: When making a call with PennyTalk from your cell phone, do not dial the number you are calling directly from your contact list.

  • Dial 877-PENNY-25 (877-736-6925) using the keypad or your contact list.
  • For Spanish, dial 866-320-3075.
  • If you do not have No-PIN Dialling for your account, when prompted enter your PennyTalk account number and PIN.
  • Using the keypad, dial the phone number you wish to call. DO NOT use your contact list and DO NOT press Send, OK or Call when you finish dialling the number.
  • If you are dialling internationally from the U.S., dial 011 + country code + city code + local number.

Note: drop any leading zeros from the country or city codes; for example, if the code is 014, dial 14.

Card Service Provider

The telecommunication company called "IDT" provides the phonecard "PennyTalk Calling Card/ Phone Card" and its services.

Customer Care

If the customers found any problem regarding the calling card or its services and want to ask any query contact at-

Customer Services: 1-888-311-8360


Write them at-

Mailing Address:

PennyTalk - Billing Dept.

520 Broad Street

4th Floor

Newark, NJ 07102


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