NatWest Bank in Edinburgh (UK)

NatWest Bank is a member of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. It was established in 1968 with the merger of National Provincial Bank and Westminster Bank. In 1980 bank developed the new services like telephone banking and touch screen share dealing. The bank provides the services private banking, business banking and commercial bank.


NatWest provides the services of private banking, business banking and commercial banking.

Private Banking service of the bank includes financial services, retirement services, current account, saving accounts, insurances and cheques.

Personal banking service of the bank includes the basic services of current accounts, saving accounts and online banking.

Bank Benefits: -

  • Travel Benefits.
  • Insurance and protection benefits.
  • Preferential savings rates.
  • Online services to manage your accounts and cards online.
  • International cash management.

NatWest Bank Online

NatWest Bank provides very secure online banking service to its customers.

If you are a registered user then login on the main site and enter your customer id and user id there but only enter it only if you have an authorized person because for the security purpose of the customers any unauthorized attempt may be subject to a legal action.

If you are to the online banking service of NatWest or Bankline then register yourself for the online banking.

Customer Support

For more queries and further details please contact at the following contact details: -

Call On: 0800 073 2256(Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm)

Or visit on the and fill a customer contact form.