National Westminster Bank Plc.

Natwest Westminster bank plc is a largest retail and commercial bank in UK that that offers a wide range of banking and Insurance Products for their clients or customer. It is also known as Natwest Bank Plc. Now days the bank is leading your business in four banking system personal banking, business banking, Private banking and commercial banking. The Natwest, a financial service industry that was established in 1968. There are 33,300 employees who work in this bank.

The Natwest bank is a part of RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) since 2000 that headquartered in Bishopsgate, London.
Natwest banking provides lots of products and services to their clients like saving account, personal account, business account, private accounts and services like online banking services, Insurance and loans services and many more benefits.


As we know that the natwest bank is leading with four banking system like personal, private, business and commercial banking. So they offer different products and services to the customer. The customer can get various advantages from your account whether it is business account or personal or private account.

The personal banking offers : saving accounts, investments, Loans, Credit cards, Mortgages, Insurance, Travel and International Insurance.

Personal Banking Credit Cards:

  • Platinum Credit Card Classic Credit Card
  • YourPoints World MasterCard
  • Black Credit Card, Student Credit Card
  • NatWest Gold Credit Card.

Private Banking offers: Banking services, Financial Services, Retirement Planning, and Existing Customer Benefits.

Business Banking offers: Business Current accounts, Small Business loan, Online or Internet Banking, Card and Payments, Loans and financing, Overdrafts, Savings Plans, Business Insurance, and Invoice Finance.

Business Credit Cards :

  • Business credit Cards
  • Business Charge Cards.

Commercial Banking provides a financial solution for their account members.


The individuals, who wish to take benefits from this bank, apply online for bank accounts.

Lots of online benefits that is offering by this bank are safety and security of your bank accounts, transfer your money from one to another account, pay your bills online when he / she does shop line, Keep track of your accounts online, manage your account online, and more products and services.

By the Natwest credit cards you can monitor your credit card, which includes data transaction, and balance details, receive free alerts, Use your Credit Card for bill payment, and also you can manage your personal details in future.


The national Westminster bank got several rewards for their performance and services, which is providing by this bank to the customer.

The Awards are-

  • Best online Banking Provider awards in 2010.
  • Your Money Awards on 30 June 2005.
  • "Best use of IT in retail banking 2009" at the Financial Sector Technology Awards.
  • "Innovation in Banking Technology 2009" in The Banker magazine.
  • "Most effective channels initiative 2009" and "Best payments initiative 2009


If you have such type of problems like lost your credit card, some problem with your accounts, related loans or any Insurance call at the following phone numbers:

Personal and Private Banking customers contact at- 0906 302 3333

Business Banking customers - 0800 028 2677

General Product Information - 0800 200 400, +44 121 695 9238 (overseas)

Card Loss Centre - 0870 6000459, +44 1423 700 545

Life Assurance - 0117 940 3020, +44 117 940 3020

Natwest Credit Card and Student Credit Card - 0870 333 9091, +44 870 333 9091.

NatWest Gold Credit Card - 0870 333 1993, +44 870 333 1993


It is retail and commercial banks that offers online banking services to their clients. Today's era, online or Internet banking is very important for all account holders, companies and other industry. By online banking, you can save your time and money that is most important for everyone. Now days banks offers Web based banking to their clients.

The Natwest Web based banking includes online bill payment; online funds transfer, investment purchase and sale, Loan application and transaction, Insurance, e-procurement, shopping online by using the natwest credit cards, and online security.

How to enrol natwest online bank accounts:

If you want to enrol your account online firstly do your registration. You can register your account to this bank online. Simply fill form online and apply for online banking. The bank will provide you a password by which you can access your account online.

  • Go to the website
  • Click on "About Bankline" then
  • Click on registration if you are a new customer

If you are already a member then login your account number and password and you can access your account online.

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