Morgan Stanley Bank

Morgan Stanley is a global financial firm or institution that offers financial products and services with many benefits and rewards to their cardholders or members with brokerage and invest advisory services. This Firm was found in 1935(New York) and it's headquarter is in Midtown Manhattan in New York.

  • Morgan Stanley serving a diversified group of corporations, governments, financial institutions, and individuals.
  • It is working in more than 36 countries around the world.
  • It has over 600 offices and 60,000 workforce in New York as well as in United States.

Today, this bank is working in three area which includes :

  • Global Wealth Management
  • Institutional Securities and
  • Investment Managemen


The Morganstanley offers financial products and services like Commodities, rewards, debit cards and credit cards with their services.

Credit Cards Offered by Morgan Stanley Bank

  • Discover Classic Card
  • Discover Platinum Card
  • Discover Gold Card
  • Discover Titanium Card
  • Morgan Stanley CardSM
  • Affinity cards
  • "Goldfish" Master Credit Card

CREDIT SERVICES The bank offers a special credit services to their customers which includes:

  • Discover Financial Services ("DFS"), which offers Discover®-branded cards and other consumer finance products and services.
  • Discover Business Services, a network of merchant and cash access locations primarily in the U.S.


There are many ways to earn reward points with the World Card. The Cardholders can earn one point for every dollar charged on their card. By using your card for your everyday spending needs, you can accumulate points good for an extensive array of rewards, from travel and merchandise to charitable donations and customized rewards.

AWARDS and Recognition :

This firm got various rewards and recognition for their best features and performence :

  • Firm Receives Award From NGLCC
  • Deals of the Year: Firm Wins in Industrials, PE, Tech, Health Care
  • Lipper Recognizes MSIM Fixed Income Expertise
  • MMI Names MSSB 2010 Managed Account Solutions Firm etc.

Customer Care :

Contact no.

Capital Group Incorporated - +1 212 761-4000

Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated - +1 212 761-4000

Seventh Avenue - +1 212 762-4000

Avenue of the Americas - +1 212 762-4000

Postal Address

Morgan Stanley World Headquarters

1585 Broadway

New York, New York 10036-8293

Tel: +1 212 761-4000

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Morgan Stanley Online Banking:

The Internet banking is changing the banking industry and is having the major effects on banking relationships. Even Web is more important for retail financial services than for many other industries. Internet banking involves use of Internet for delivery of banking products & services. In other words a successful Internet banking solution offers:

  1. Exceptional rates on Savings, CDs, and IRAs
  2. Free bill payment and rebates on ATM charges
  3. Checking account with no monthly fee,
  4. Credit cards with low rates.
  5. Easy online applications for all accounts, including personal loans and mortgages
  6. 24 hour account access
  7. Quality customer service with personal attention

How to enroll for Morgan Stanley Internet banking:

For enroll the account, there are steps that is listed below:

Steps to Sign in:-

  • Go to or
  • Select "clientserv".
  • Click on "Enroll now".
  • Enter your account no and social security no. or password(if you don't have social security no.)
  • Select radio button next to your preferred method of code delivery like phone number, E-mail, and the "Click" on "continue"
  • Enter enrolment code that you receive.
  • Enter account information to create your clientserv account.
  • Review all agreements and terms

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