Merrick Bank Secured MasterCard

Merrick Bank Secured MasterCard

Merrick Bank is one of the top banks that issues credit card to the cardholder. Merrick Bank also offers MasterCard cards and Visa credit cards for consumer looking to establish or rebuild their credit. Merrick Bank Secured VISA card has a $36 fee for the first year and after that $3 per month.


Merrick Bank Secured MasterCard Features

There are following features that are listed below:

  • 100% Secured MasterCard
  • There is a annual fee of $36
  • High interest rate.
  • It is relatively easy to get.
  • Through this you can rebuild or establish your credit history or credit line.
  • It is World Wide acceptance.
  • New annual fees for long-time customers
  • You can re-establish and build your credit with your performance.
  • It is a type of secured mastercard / VISA Card that charges annual fee of $36 for the first year and $3 per month.
  • You'll have a credit line from $300 to $3,000
  • Reported to the three major credit bureaus.
  • Your deposit funds are FDIC Insured.
  • Min Deposit of $300
  • You can manage your account online for free.
  • Zero Fraud liability for unauthorized charges.
  • The APR rate on Purchases is 17.45%
  • The APR rate on Cash advance is 22.45% and fee is 4% ($10)

Card Issuer

The bank called "Merrick Bank" provides the card services for their consumers.

Contact Details

If you any query call at 801-545-6124

You can write them at

Postal Address

Merrick Bank P.O. Box 5000

Draper, Utah 84020-5000