Mango Master Card Prepaid Card

Mango Master Card Prepaid Card

The Mango Prepaid Card is the brisk way by which you can easily manage your funds. It allows you to access fund by using your prepaid debit card via mobile phone. It's easy and convenient to carry your Mango prepaid card in spite of hard cash.

Products and Services:

One can save money as there is no hidden fee.

Appliers can apply for prepaid card even they have no good credit history.

You don't need to have bank account to apply for the Mango master card.

There is no charge for overdraft.

It allows you to spend only that money which you have loaded.

You can access accounting details online free of cost.

You can withdraw cash from ATM globally.

No charge for direct deposit.

It offers you the facility of getting balance on your mobile phone.

Card users can easily reload their card.

Card holders can easily manage their account online any time.

You can sign up for Mango card without any cost.

It offers you free customer care service.

You can reload your card by using mobile phone, direct deposit, bank account and another Mango customer.

You can also load your card Master at retailers locations like CVS , Walgreens, Kmart, Walmart etc.

Issued by Inter National Bank

Fee Structure:

There is no charge for Pre paid card activation.

No Charges on purchases.

Monthly charges are $5.00

No charges for accessing the account online.

Charges for purchase transaction internationally are 2%.

Customer care:

Mangocard users can call on this number for general query 1-877-89-MANGO (1-877-896-2646) (Monday to Saturday, 9AM to 6PM) or can also send email at [email protected]

For lost and stolen call on 1-877-896-2646


Q: Is this possible to do online shopping from Mango card?

Ans: Yes card users can use it to do online shopping.

Q: How much amount i can load to my master prepaid card at one time?

Ans: You can load up to $10,000 at a time.

Q: What is the required age to load for the Mastercard?

Ans: Applier's age must be 18 or above to apply for the Master card.

Q: On what number should I call, if I lost my Prepaid card?

Ans: To register your lost and stolen reports call on 1-877-896-2646 without delay.

Q: How much monthly charges I will be charged?

Ans: $5.00 will be charged from you as monthly charge.