Halifax Bank Ltd.

Halifax is insurance and banking industry that was founded in 1853. Previously it was the merger of bank of Scotland named as Halifax bank of Scotland. Now days halifax plc bank is trading name of Bank of Scotland and also s subsidiary of Lloyds Banking Group.

The Lloyds banking group is a parent group of Halifax Plc that headquartered in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and in London, UK.
Previously it was a separate bank as well as UK 's largest building society, called Halifax Building Society.
Halifax provides residential mortgages and saving accounts to the UK's customer. Its slogan is "A Little Extra Help".


Lots of banking products that is offered by this bank. Halifax is UK's service provider. It provides banking products like saving accounts, bank accounts, Credit Cards, Loans, Mortgages, Insurance and its services, Investment plans, trading services, Travel Money and Travel insurance.

Halifax Credit Cards:

  • Halifax All in One Card
  • Halifax Rewards All in One Card
  • Halifax Clarity Card
  • Halifax Plus Card
  • Halifax Student Card
  • Halifax Cancer Research UK Card and,
  • Halifax NSPCC Card


Several rewards and benefits, which are-

It offers unlimited reward current account like worldwide multi-trip for just £12.50 a month and, family travel insurance and free overdraft fee.

It offers wide range of benefits like Worldwide multi-trip family travel insurance, AA Breakdown Cover for any vehicle, Assistance in arranging the repair, recovery and claim processing benefit, mobile phone insurance, travel accident cover, card protection, identity theft assistance, purchase protection and various other benefits.

It provides 15% discount on Halifax car insurance and 5% discount on Halifax home and contents insurance.

The Ultimate Reward discount card that offers a wide range of offers such as 20% off a service and MOT with Kwik Fit and 20% discount off car rental with Avis.


They got many awards such as :

  • Best Banking Provider in 2009
  • Best Student Banking Provider 2009
  • Best Investment Product Provider in November 2009.
  • Shares Magazine Awards 2010
  • Share Dealing Service of the Year 2010
  • Best Online Stockbroker 2010
  • The Daily Telegraph Wealth Management Award 2009
  • The FT and IC Investment Awards.

For more details visit: www.halifax.co.uk


If you want to contact them for opening an account or other reasons call at -

Bank accounts - 08457 20 30 40

Savings accounts - 08457 26 36 46

Halifax Mortgage products - 08457 27 37 47

If your Halifax Credit Cards stop working contact at this number

Customer Service 08457 28 38 48

Card Care - 0870 850 68 50

Lost or Stolen Cards - 08457 20 30 99

Personal loans for existing customer 0845 600 46 11, 08457 44 44 55, 08457 24 34 44

Halifax insurance Products: 08457 23 33 43

Online banking helpdesk: 08456 02 00 00

You can write to them at the following address:

Postal Address


P O Box 548



For more details visit: www.halifax.co.uk


Online Banking is a technology by which all the sectors whether it is real state, marketing, IT sector and banking sector do all the business related work on computer. It is becoming more famous all functional areas mostly in IT and Banking areas. Why it is becoming more famous?

Cause it saves time, access your account 24/7, offers security, easy to use, shop online from your home, online bill payment, check your credit online without any fee and you can apply for new accounts.

The Halifax bank offers online facility to their customer with many rewards and benefits. It also offers mobile banking.

How to enrol Halifax bank account:
If you wish to take advantage of Halifax online banking apply for this online. Register Online and access your account any time and get many benefits.

  • Go to the website www.halifax.co.uk
  • If you are new customer register online. To register online you need to have in hand your account and personal details.
  • If you are existing customer, insert your account number and password and access your account online anywhere in the world or in overseas.