Great Plains Bank in Aberdeen (South Dakota)

The current holding company of Great Plains Bank was established in Eureka, 1920 and incorporated in South Dakota. It headquartered in Eureka, SD and has 3 branches and 21 full-time employees. The three branches are in Aberdeen, Eden, and Eureka. It offers personal and commercial banking services to all customers who are engaged with the bank.

The Bank Products and Services

The checking account is one of the best products of the bank. Checking account includes Freedom checking account, freedom plus checking account, and century checking account. The checking account is very fruitful for every customer because it offers the no minimum balance, online bill payment and many more.

It also provides saving accounts, CDs, loans, phone banking, Internet banking and loan calculators. The bank is also offers insurance services to all customers. The customers can get the benefits of varieties of savings account like Moneymaker savings account, personal savings account, youth savings account, IRA savings account, and Plainsman savings account.

Bank Benefits

The bank is very fruitful to those consumers who want benefits in excess.

  • The bank is FDIC insured Bank.
  • Phone banking and online banking is also one of the benefits of the bank.
  • Best customer services.
  • The bank always ready to help out the customer from financial crisis. That's why it offers varieties of loans that are available for automobiles, boats, motorcycles, vacations, personal expenses, etc.
  • You can access online account anytime from anywhere.
  • The bank also provides loan calculator to calculate the interest rates, consumer loan, retirement goal, college fund, and currency converter.

Customer Care

If you have any issue contact at-

Customer Services: (605) 725-9400

Great Plains Bank

P.O. Box 2140

Aberdeen, SD 57402

Phone: (605) 725-9400

Fax: (605) 725-9405

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Great Plains Online Banking

Great Plains bank is an online bank offering online benefits to all online customers. Using the Internet banking you can manage your account, online bill payment, apply for loan and insurance, and also you can calculate your loan interest rates using loan calculator and many more.

How to enroll Great Plains Online banking:

To enroll Great Plains Online Banking, you must have all your personal and banking details in your fingertips -

  • Go to the website:
  • Click on 'Internet Banking'.
  • If you are a new user, you can register online by clicking on personal enrolment form, business enrolment form or bill payment enrolment form.
  • If you are existing customer then enter your user id.
  • Enter valid password.
  • After some verification you can access your account online.

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