Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a leading global financial services firm providing global investment banking, securities and investment management firm that provides wide range of products and services to each individuals.It provides security services and rewards to their investors.Goldman Sacs( GS) is a New York State Chartered Bank that is founded in 1869. 

The founder is Marcus Goldman and Samuel Sachs on that basis it is called as "Goldman Sacs Group, Inc".Goldman sacs have financial services like investment banking where you can invest your funds in a right way.

The Goldman sac focuses on three fuctional area including...

  • Investment Banking,
  • Trading and Principal Investments and
  • Asset Management and Securities Services

Offers :: The Goldman sacs offer numerous Products and Services to the individual, institutions and Investment advisors. Services offered by Goldman Sacs group are :

The Services for individuals institution and Advisors are - banking products and services for high net worth clients, Direct Private Investing, Managed Accounts, Products and Mutual Funds, Private Wealth Management, and Securitised Derivatives, Equity Capital Markets, Clearing Services, Debt Financing, Direct private Investing, Execution Services, Fund Administration, Global Investment Research, Merger and acquisition, Pension Services, Asset management, Direct Private investing, Mutual funds, Securities Product, Securitised Derivatives.

The Products are :>- commodities (power, weather, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, natural gas liquids, crude oil and refined products as well as coal), Foreign Currency Exchange, Custom Strategies, Equities.

AWARDS and Recognition :

The most famous rewards of Goldman sacs reward is "Goldman's Trading Tips Reward Its Biggest Clients ". Goldman Sachs gives key trading tips only to its own traders and favoured clients, hurting others who aren't given the opportunity to profit from the information. There are more rewards that offers Goldmansacs group are listed below:


Salary and Bonuses

Equity Award Program

Wealth Creation Opportunities and Special Investments


Health Care Benefits


Holiday and vacation policies

Retirement benefits.


The Goldman Sachs Wellness Exchange provides an integrated suite of services designed to support your personal health and well-being and to help you manage your personal and family responsibilities.

Goldman Sacs group awards:

They got: " Deals of the Year".

"Top Investment Bank" in 2010.

"Commodity House of the Year".etc

Customer Care :

If you have any Query related to Goldman Sacs Groups contact at:

Phone no. - +1(212) 902-1000

Zip code- 10004


Postal Address

85 Broad Street

New York, NY 10004 - 2434

Phone no - (212)902-1000,

(Address of principal executive offices)

JP Morgan Chase Online Banking:

Today's era every bank offer online banking or Net banking services to his or her cardholder or to the customer according to his or her convenience. Like, other Banks Goldman sacs also coming up with Net banking system with rewards and extra benefits. They also provide a variety of products online:
Online Bank loans and Deposits.
Online Mutual and Hedge funds including Risk and Wealth Management Services.
Online Checking accounts and Bill payments.
You can transfer the funds from one a/c to another a/c online.
Online check CD history and savings.

How to enroll for Morganchase bank Internet banking:

There are various steps through you can enroll your account:

Steps to Sign in:-

  • Go to or
  • Enter your account and password.
  • Enter regions where your account is. then,
  • Enter secure ID
  • Then, click on login button.
  • You can access your account or get bank statement information.

If you have any query related to this visit