Globe £5

Globe £5

The Globe is a phone card with specific features. The Global calling card contains a lot of specific features with many calling benefits and their services. The Global card is a UK Based phone card that is used by UK residents. It is good quality phone card that can be used any where in the world means you can call globally by it.The features and Instructions of this phone card are listed below.

How to Operate / Work / Use Global £5 Phone card:

  1. It is a good quality calling card with the actual value of £5 but their price rate is- Globe £4.99
  2. Dial for Access Services-
    • Dial number for free access-08081689701 - 08456130010 - 02070280367
    • Dial National Access - 0845 613 0010
    • Dial number for Local Access- 0207 028 0367, 0845 025 0115
    • Dial no. for Payphone Access- 0800 051 5936
    • Dial no. for Mobile Access- 020 7097 0114, 0330 001 0114
  3. Now Enter PIN Number of 10 digits.
  4. Dial the no. whatever, you wish to call. Remember when you make call, the call number must be full area code. Some things, which you have to remember with calling-
    • For Local calls dial"Area code" then "Local number".
    • For International calls dial"00"then "Country code" then "area Number" plus "Local number".
    • To make a follow on call press "##".
    • For saving PIN enter *6 and, for cancelling the PIN enter*9 .
  5. If the global five phone does not work call at 0845 025 0113 or 02070280088.
  6. The Expiry date of the Global Phone card is 90 days after first use.
  7. The Connection fee and the Daily maintenance fee may be applied and it could be variable.
  8. Your Reference is only your Batch ID.

Service Provider

The Service Provider of this Global phone card is "Globalcomservices (FNT Logistics)".

Customer Care:

Whenever you have any query or any problem related to this phone card call at-

Customer Services- 02070280088 or 0845 0250 113