Freedom Eagle Cash Card

Freedom Eagle Cash Card

Freedom Eagle Card was launched in Jan 2009. It is the first Chip and Pin card in UK which can be issue to you instantly whenever you apply with the instant access to ATM. You can get this card easily from numerous retailers, super markets, online, fuel stations etc. This card is acceptable worldwide where master card is acceptable. There are several ways to load this card like: Post Office, PayPoint, Benefits, Bank and by transferring your wages. It recommends you chip and pin facility in order to provide security to the card users. Eagle master card offers you great value for money. There is no fear of overdraft charges because you can spend what you have loaded.

Card Offers:

You can get your benefits and wages directly to your card.

Card users can play online betting in a safe environment.

It offers you the facility to transfer your money easily and fast to your Companion card holder.

You can manage your finances as it offers 24/7 online access.

Card users can do online shopping in the safest ways as there is no link to the account.

Students can also apply for a card without any ID and credit check. The cash can be transferred by their parents without any fees.

Issued by:-New castle building society

Fees Structure:

  • The issuance fee for companion card is £4.99.
  • Charges for changing your tariff are £2.00.
  • The charges for card renewal are £4.99.
  • The charges for lost and stolen or damage the card is £4.99.
  • Minimum amount that a user can load is £25.00.

Contacts numbers:

UK customer services number is 0207-147-1603.

If you are in abroad, you can make call on this number +44 (0) 207 147 1603.

For more details you can visit the official website


Q: Is this possible to change the card tariff?

Ans: Yes, one can also change the tariff by paying £2.00.

Q: Should i have a bank account in order to apply for the Prepaid card?

Ans: No, You don't need to have any bank account.

Q: what is the required age to apply for Prepaid Master card?

Ans: The applier's minimum age must be 18years but the companion card holder can be 13 or more.

Q: Can I use this card worldwide?

Ans: Yes, you can use this card anywhere the master card is acceptable.