DeluxeCard Visa® Gift Card for Christmas

DeluxeCard Visa® Gift Card for Christmas

The 'University National Bank' issues the 'DeluxeCard Visa Gift Card'. The DeluxeCard Visa Gift Card is a prepaid gift card that can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. This Card is perfect gift card that makes an easy purchase for you and ideal for anyone on your gift list.

Key Benefits

The Card is full with lots of benefits that are listed below:

  • It is Prepaid VISA Gift Card not a Credit Card.
  • It can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.
  • The DeluxeCard Visa Gift Card can be purchased in amounts from $20 to $750.
  • DeluxeCard Visa Gift Cards are non-reloadable gift cards.
  • Perfect for any holiday or special occasion.
  • Easy to stay on budget.
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee of $4.95
  • All card recipients receive access to phone and online support 24/7 to check the gift card balance, report a lost gift card, and much more.
  • Purchasing a Gift Card is Easy and Convenient.
  • It gives $20 to $750 per gift card.
  • You can instantly receive pre-activated gift card.
  • The DeluxeCard® Visa® Gift Card comes in a variety of designs for any occasion.
  • Using this gift card you can make purchases online, by phone or in person.
  • It cannot be used to obtain cash at an ATM.
  • You can use the DeluxeCard Visa Gift Card as many times as they like through the expiration date, up to the amount available on the card.
  • If the card is lost or stolen with a balance remaining, the user can cancel the card and order a Replacement Card for $15.00.

How to Purchase or Activate the Card

Activating or Purchasing DeluxeCard Visa Gift Card is convenient via phone or Internet. To activate and purchase by phone, simply call DeluxeCard customer service toll-free at 1-866-255-9831. To activate online, visit and click on the "Activate" link under "My Account".

Card Issuer

The 'University National Bank' issues the 'DeluxeCard Visa Gift Card' and its services for their customers who are very excited in shopping for Christmas.

Contact Details

If your card has lost/ stolen or have any issue contact to-

Customer Services: 1-866-255-9831

For more details visit website: