ClearCash Card

ClearCash Card

Clear cash prepaid master card can be used worldwide anywhere master card is accepted. You can apply for the card without history check. It does not offer credit to customers, you can spend only that money which you have loaded in your card.

Issued by:-Newcastle Building Society.

Prepaid Card offers:

It offers chip and pin number for the security of card users.

Card users can easily do shopping on the internet.

You can also refill your cell phone by using cash machines.

You can save your money as there is no overdraft charges.

You can make the reservations of hotels and flights.

You can do the payments of your bills online.

Card users can check the balance of the account online.

You can purchase foodstuff, petrol etc from many shops by using clearcash card.

There is no monthly charge.

You can load your card through PayPoint loading, Post office loading, bank transfer and salary loading.

Fee Structure:

Charges for card issuance is £4.50 and if you are paying via SMS the charges will be £5.00.

The minimum cash that you can load initially is £10.

The maximum cash for initial loading is £5000.

The card balance can be up to £5000.

If you have lost and stolen your card, you would have to pay £5.00 for card replacement.

Contact Details:

In order to clear any issue card users can call on the specified number.

8712 884 677 from Monday to Friday (8am - 6pm).

In case of lost and stolen you can make call on 0870 609 3146.

Card users can also visit the official website


Q: One can load how much money to his/her pre paid master card?

Ans: The maximum amount that you can load in your card is up to £5000.

Q: What is the required age to apply for this card?

Ans: The applier must be at least 18 years old.

Q: What types of security measures offered with this reloadable prepaid card?

Ans: It offers Chip and Pin security for the protection against fraud.

Q: Can I reload my mastercard using mobile phone?

Ans: Yes, you can load your card using mobile phone.

Q: what are the charges to use my Prepaid card in abroad?

Ans: If you use card in abroad you will have to pay 2.75% of your value for every transaction.