Citizens State Bank

Citizen State Bank is a US based Commercial Bank that is located in Arlington, SD (United State). It is FDIC supervised commercial bank with total assets of $89.1 thousand. Citizens State Bank offers you a multitude of consumer and business banking products and services.

The main focus or goal of this bank is to offer products that satisfy the needs of their customers. It offers online services through which you can transfer funds, view your transactions and account balances and many more services available.
It has thousands of assets including cash, loans, securities, bank premises and other assets.

Citizen State Bank offers

Citizens State Bank offers a variety of checking and savings accounts, Competitive CD rates and attractive loan rates.
Personal Banking Products includes Checking accounts, saving accounts, Kids Safari Club, Credit Card, Home Loans and personal loans.

Business Banking includes Regular Business Checking account, Business Plus Checking accounts & various loans like Operating Loan & Lines of Credit for short term business operating expenses, and Term Loans for equipment needs, business expansion, vehicle and real estate.

Agricultural Banking includes Mortgage Loan for agriculture real estate, Lines of credit for agriculture and Term Loan for agriculture.

Credit Cards

  • CSB VISA Cards
  • CSB VISA Gold Credit Card
  • CSB Debit Cards

CSB Rewards and Benefits

Numerous Benefits like-

  • CSB offers a variety of checking and savings accounts, Competitive CD rates and attractive loan rates.
  • Checking account service charges is $8 per month if your balance falls below $500 while there are no monthly charges for student.
  • Free ATM Withdrawals.
  • First 50 Checks free for Student Account, Regular Checking account and Hometown Checking account holders.
  • The Bank offers Safari Saver's Club account for kids. When you open a Safari Saver's Savings Account you get a bag full of goodies.

CSB Awards

It receives "Citizens State Bank Scholarship Award (Strawberry Point Office)"

Customer Care

If you have any query call at-

Customer Service - (605) 983-5594

Postal Address : Arlington Location

128 S. Main St.

PO Box 378

Arlington, SD 57212

Phone: (605) 983-5594

CSB Online Banking

CSB offers Online Banking for own customers. The CSB online banking is very safe and secure so the csb's customers don't need to worry about that. It offers some common features like other banks. CSB internet banking helds lots of online features like online bill payment, funds transfer, shop online, order checks online, online credit payment and apply for loan also.

How to enrol CSB accounts

To access your accounts through Internet Banking, you must have one or more eligible Bank accounts (checking a/c, savings a/c etc), an Internet Banking ID and a personal identification number ("PIN"). In addition, you must have adequate software to utilize Internet Banking.

  • Go to website
  • Enter your ID and Password and submit. Now you can access your account online.
  • If you do not have a password, please fill out one of the enrollment forms Personal enrollment Form and Commercial enrollment form.
  • After filling form the bank will provide you password by mail and, access your account online.