Bread Prepaid Master Card

Bread Prepaid Master Card

Card users can enjoy all the facilities offered by the card without any credit check as there is no history check for appliers. You can use this Master card anywhere Master card is acceptable.

Issued by Newcastle Building Society

Facilities offered:

You can use your prepaid card for Shopping on the internet safely.

It offers Chip and Pin facility for user's security.

There is no fee for overdraft.

Card users can use Bread card at 1000's of ATM's in the entire world.

You can easily make overseas transactions.

You can also make reservations for flight and train.

You can divide up your money with your family and friends in abroad.

Use prepaid master card for foodstuff & petrol.

Card users can refill their mobile phone very easily.

You can easily load your card by using post office and pay point.

Eligibility criteria:

Appliers can apply for the card by giving these details like:

Applier's current address in UK.

Your contact number.

Your passport number (international) or can also give your driving licence number for your ID.

Minimum age must be 18.

Fee Structure:

The card issuance fee is £7.50.

The minimum amount that you can load is £10.

The maximum loading that you can make £3500.

Your maximum card balance can be up to £3500.

Charges for replacement of the card are £10.00.

Contact information:

You can make call on this number to clear any doubt 0871 288 3272.

In case of lost and stolen card users can call on 0845 643 5132.


Q: How can I get my PIN number?

AnsYou can get your PIN number By calling on 0844 855 2463.

Q: What is the procedure to activate the Pre paid card?

Ans: To activate your card you need to follow the instructions mentioned on your card.

Q: Can I use this card in abroad also?

Ans: Yes , you can use this card anywhere master card is accepted.

Q: How can I get the statements of my card?

Ans: Card users can get the details easily online.

Q: What is the required minimum age to apply for the card?

Ans: Appliers must be at least 18 years old.