Blue Sky Phonecard £5

Blue Sky Phonecard £5

Blue Sky card is a Prepaid phone card, which has lots of pros with great calling services. It is designed for those who want to call unlimited that's why it is called Unlimited Calling Card.

Blue Sky Phone card is a best way to save and secure your money on long distance bills every month.The Businessmen or others who does frequently travel overseas or outside the overseas can use this phonecard. It offers great rates to call Asia, Middle East, European and African.

When you purchase the Blue-sky prepaid phone card, you will get 3% cash back rewards.

By Buying Blue Sky long distance phone card, you will get phone card pins instantly.

How to Use / Operate / Access the Blue Sky Phone Card:

  1. The Blue-Sky is a calling card that offers UK unlimited minutes service to the customer with 30 days validity.
  2. There are following accessing numbers, through which you can access the blue-sky services. Dial one of the access number and access blue-sky phone card services. The following numbers are-
    • Dial number for free access-08081689701 - 08456130010 - 02070280367
    • For Free Access Dial at - 0800 635 0111 or 0800 101 3111
    • For Local dial at - 0208 625 0033 or 0207 177 2470
    • For National Access- 0845 824 0111
    • For Payphone Access- 0800 635 1001
  3. Listen Welcome message and, enter the PIN at Prompt Box..
  4. Dial Destination numbers with full national and international code. If you wish to call outside the overseas,
    dial 00 + Country code + City code + destination number and then press "#".
  5. To make follow on the calls press ##.
  6. It offers some other features like for "Redial" press *1"To save PIN" press *4, and "To cancel PIN" press *5.
  7. If you found any problem or your phonecard is not working call Customer care number i.e. 0845 821 0111.
  8. It offersFair Usage Policy of 3000 minutes for Free and Unlimited calls.

Service Provider

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Customer Care:

If you have any query related to this phone card or calling card call at-

Customer Services- - 877-210-9322