Blue Cash Credit Card from American Express

Blue Cash Credit Card from American Express

The Blue Cash American Express credit card is the best option among all the credit cards except some because it offers 5% cash back with no annual fee and unlimited cash rewards. The Blue cash credit card is designed for those individuals who have bad credit card or good credit history. A more than 50% credit card that takes too much time for approval but it's instantly approved within days. 

The Blue cash credit offers cash back reward programmes and many more benefits such as travel protection, and insurance like car rental insurance, travel accident insurance, easy access to cash and travellers checks in the local currency and even special rates on many travel expenses.

Blue Cash Credit Card Features:

The Blue Cash American express consist the following features that are listed below:

  1. The blue cash credit cardholder can earn 5% cash back with unlimited cash rewards programmes at supermarkets, gas station, and Drugstores.
  2. You can pay your bills by this credit card and get cash back on everything like telephone and cable bills.
  3. The blue cash credit card also offers an additional credit card. By this additional credit card you can start earning 5% cash back.
  4. You can update your account online like you can pay your bill online, checking account history, transaction, charges of the credit card and payments.
  5. Most of the credit cardholder shoping online, in that cases their personal information can be hacked by hackers. But the Blue cash charges are covered by American Express fraud protection.
  6. You can earn 5% cash back on everyday purchases.
  7. The balance transfer fee $3 means minimum 5%.
  8. There is no annual fee.
  9. The return check fee is $38.00
  10. In any case, if you don't pay the monthly charges, you will have to pay the late fee between $19-$39.
  11. The over limit fee is $35
  12. The Cash advance fee is 3%(minimum)
  13. The Grace period of this Blue Cash credit is up to 25 days.
  14. The Ongoing APR of this credit card is 17.24% to 21.24%, which is variable monthly or yearly.


If Credit Cardholder have any query related to this credit card call on -

Customer service- 1-800-528-4800(24/7)

Bill payment - 1-800-472-9297)

Apply by phone - (1-800-223-2670)

Express cash - (1-800-227-4669)

Mailing Address :

For general inquiries you can write at:

American Express

P.O. Box 981540

El Paso,

TX 79998-1540