Best4Minutes £5 Calling card

Best4Minutes £5 Calling card

Best4Minutes £5 Calling card is an international calling card that is issued by phone card site. It is a premium calling card that is suitable for those one who frequently does travel and suffer problems due to call. The phone card range also includes Mobile Saver card that makes international calling from your mobile phone more affordable.

Best4Minutes £5 Calling card Features

The bestfourminutes contains the following best features:

  • It is an international premium calling card.
  • The Price of this card is £ 9.97.
  • It's offering a comprehensive range of calling card rates means it gives cheap rates for international phone calls.
  • Best4Minutes international phone card from UK, Belgium, France, Ireland, Spain, Germany, USA and Italy.
  • Its rates based on use of 0845 or 020 access
  • It is low cost phone card.
  • It offers differnt range of products such as £5 card, £10 card, £20 card, £50 card. It can be expired after few days like-
    1. £5 card expires 30 days after first use.
    2. £10 card expires 60 days after first use.
    3. £20 card expires 120 days after first use.
    4. £50 card expires 180 days after first use.
  • If you card is stop working can contact at 0845 108 4450.
  • Its offers maximum calling minutes in a minimum price.
  • You can purchases this phone card at any UK Retail shops or available online.

How to use / operate / activate Best4Minutes £5 Calling card

If you wish to activate your phone card follow the steps

  1. Dial the access numbers for free, local and National calling. For Free access dial 08006511000, for local dial 02084971003 and for national call on 08451084445
  2. Enter your PIN Number
  3. Dial the destination number 00 + country code + phone + *
  4. To make a follow-on call, dial ##
  5. Payphone surcharge - 10p (when calling from payphone/call booth)

Service Provider

The services is also provided by the phone card site i.e. UK2call site.

Customer Care

If you have any query call at -

Customer services - 0845 108 4450