Barclays Flexi Rate Credit Card

Barclays Flexi Rate Credit Card

With Barclays Flexi Credit Card one is offered a minimum credit limit of £250 also one enjoys low interest rates with no annual fee being charged for it.

Credit card offers:

  • APR 16.9% (variable).
  • No interest on balance transfer(for 9 months) and the handling fee is 3%.
  • Minimum credit limit is £250.
  • No annual fee credit card.
  • The grace period is 56 days.
  • Credit limit must not exceed while shopping.

Eligibility criteria:

To apply for the credit card:

  • There should not be any history of bankruptcy.
  • Payments must have made on time.
  • Appliers should not have already Barclaycredit card.
  • Minimum regular income of card users is £20,000 pa.
  • Minimum age is 21.
  • Appliers should have good credit rating.


  • It provides protection of identity.
  • It monitors the frauds by proving chip and pin number.
  • It provides worldwide assistance.
  • It provides cash advances and card replacement services in case lost and theft.
  • It provides 24 hours customer care service.
  • Issued by Barclays bank.


  • For balance transfers and cheques are 2.5%.
  • Charges for cash withdrawals are 2.5% (minimum £2.50).
  • Transactions, which are related to overseas, charges 2.75%.

Contact details:

Card users may call on the customer care number. + 44 1604 234234.


Q: How can one apply for credit card?

Ans: Appliers can apply online for flexi rate credit card.

Q: What is the customer care number?

Ans: The number is + 44 1604 234234.

Q: Is customer care service open for 24 hours?

Ans:y es, customer may call any time ,lines are open 24 hours.

Q: Does this card provide worldwide assistance?

Ans: Yes, it provides worldwide support.

Q: Is this no annual fee credit card?

Ans:Yes, this is no annual fee credit card.

Q: What kind of protection services it provides?

Ans: It provides purchase delivery protection, emergency cash advance and cash replacement.