Barclaycard Platinum Simplicity Credit Card

Barclaycard Platinum Simplicity Credit Card

Barclaycard platinum simplicity credit card is a low interest credit card with rich features. Barclay's personal banking that is UK based issue Barclay platinum card. It consist a lot of specific features like low APR, low balance transfer fee, low interest fee when you make purchases and many other reward programmes. The cardholder can enjoy from these features.


It offers Barclay freedom for their customer. There are some specific features are listed below:

  1. Barclaycard has low APR rate of 7.9% when you make purchases on participating retailers and all balance transfer.
  2. The Barclays offers reward programmes such as Barclay Freedom. In Barclay freedom, you get reward money automatically and can redeem it for future purchases at participating retailers.
  3. It offers contactless payments. Contactless payment technology is a quick and best way to pay for purchases of £15 or under like coffee or lunch without cash. You can use this through online or Smart Phones.
  4. Barclaycard includes Barclay unwind features means through which you can buy exclusive tickets and best live music, news and many more things.
  5. This Bank offers some extra services such as Identity protection services, Fraud Monitoring Services (Chip and PIN), Purchase Delivery Protection Services, Worldwide assistance services, Travel services and many more.
  6. If you have lost you Barclay credit card in that case you call on 0844 811 9141 from the UK or +44 1604 230 and then can get new card from Barclays Bank.
  7. The Customer Service Assistance opens 24/7 hours.
  8. Barclays offers Online Banking/ Net-Banking and Phone Banking to their cardholders.


Stolen cards - 0844 811 9141, +44 1604 230, 08457 555 555.

For information and to apply - 0845 766 0758

Barclay Internet Banking-0844 556 0105 (Outside the UK dial +44 1642 332 308)

Customer services for existing customers - 0844 811 9111

If you have any query related to this card contact customer care no. which are given above or visit website