Bank of the Orient (, SF

Bank of the Orient, a community bank, provides personal and business banking products and services. The bank was established on March 17, 1971 operates 12 domestic office locations. It is also an overseas Chinese bank in the United States headquartered in San Francisco.

The Bank has-

  • 151 employees.
  • $633.1 thousand in assets.
  • Branch offices in California, Hawaii, Xiamen, Millbrae, Oakland, Hawaii, Honolulu, and in San Francisco also.


The Bank is one of the largest community banks in San Francisco and other branch locations. The bank offers-

  • Personal solutions, such as savings, certificates of deposit, checking, home equity, mortgage, auto loan, and online banking solutions.
  • Business solutions, which include checking and savings, and loans and line of credit.
  • Real estate solutions, such as commercial and industrial, construction, and multi-family loans.
  • International trade finance solutions., which include import/export letters of credit, transferable letters of credit, standby letters of credit, pre-export financing, import/export documentary collections, clean collections, assignment of proceeds, the U.S. dollar and foreign currency drafts, and correspondent banks.

Bank Benefits

  • Online Banking.
  • Excellent customer services.
  • FDIC insured bank is an important benefit for Bank of the Orient customers.
  • International Trade option available.
  • Foreign currency lending and forfeiting, inward and outward remittance.
  • Export and import trading settlement and operating loans.
  • Foreign currency guaranteed services.
  • Shipping guarantee services.
  • Bill Purchase services.
  • Domestic and international fund transfers.
  • Financial Calculator.

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Bank Awards

Available no awards

Contact Details

If you have any issue regarding bank or internet banking call at:

Customer Service: 800.881.2686

Postal Address:

Financial District

233 Sansome Street

San Francisco, CA 94104

Phone: 415.338.0843

Fax: 415.338.0619

Email for inquiries: [email protected]

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Bank of Orient Internet Banking


The Bank of Orient is an online banking under federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. It is more fast, secure and convenient online bank with more services such as to check balances and history, transaction between same account or other account, international trading, apply for loan, download and export history to personal financial management software, and also pay your bills online with free bill pay.

How to enroll Online Bank account:

To enroll online bank account directly-

  • Go to the website:
  • Click on Internet Banking, which is on "home page."
  • Select the account type means personal or business account.
  • Enter valid Email-Id
  • Enter Valid Password.
  • The bank will ask a couple of security-based questions.
  • Now you can access your account successfully.

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