Bank of Akron, AKRON (NY)

Bank of Akron is a FDIC insured Internet banking which specialized in personal banking with more personal banking products and services. This bank is better way to save money because it offers varieties of accounts. The bank was established in 1920 and incorporated in New York. The Akron bank has its own office in 46 Main Street, Akron, NY (14001).


If we talk about offers means what the bank provides to your customer, in this manner, the bank provides lots of financial products and services such as online banking, loan accounts, checking accounts, saving accounts, Certificates of deposits, IRA's, telephone banking, financial calculators, ATM Cards, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, safe deposit boxes, overdraft line of credits, lock box services, and many more.

Credit Cards

  • Bank of Akron MasterCard
  • Bank of Akron Master Card Gold
  • Bank of Akron Visa Credit Card
  • Bank of Akron Visa Business Card

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Bank Benefits

An array of bank benefits are listed below:

The Bank has variety of lending options like Mortgages, provide loan to build a new home, Home Equity Loan for home improvements, college tuition, a new car, vacation, or any of your other needs.

CD's are available in a wide range of terms up to 5 years.

Bank of Akron offers the follow types of IRAs like traditional IRAs, Simplified Employer Plans, Roth IRAs, Coverdell Education Savings account. These IRAs plans with hassle free, easy to open, no annual or custodial fees, offered in 12 0r 18 month certificate of deposits, CD penalty for early withdrawal, and $25 service charge if IRA account is closed prior to age 70 ½

Online Services includes online bill payment, transfer funds, and check images available online.

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The bank is best quality bank because it offers best quality products and services with more safe and security. The bank got many achievements for their performance, financial products and services…………...and many more.

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Customer Care

The bank offers excellent customer services so if you have any issue regarding your bank account, credit or debit card or any other financial services call to customer care-

Customer Services (Akron Office): (716)542-5401

Clarence Office - (716) 759-9580

Lancaster Office - (716) 706-1030

You can write them at:

AKRON - Main Office


AKRON, NY 14001

Phone: (716) 542-5401

Fax: (716) 542-5510

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Bank of Akron Online Banking

As we discussed above that the bank of akron is a FDIC insured online bank so it offers safe and secured Internet Banking for their customer. The Bank Online Services includes view account details, manage your checking and saving accounts, easily transfer money and make loan payments online. It also offers online bill payment services FREE. The Bill Payment service allows you to pay virtually anyone, companies or individuals, at any time.

How to enroll Online Bank account

To enroll online bank account you must have account and personal details.

  • Go to the website:
  • Click on "Online banking".
  • If you are new customer select the option "NEW ONLINE BANKING USER" and if you are existing customer select "REGISTERED ONLINE BANKING USER"
  • The New Users have to register online with name password and random code click on "Next" and follow all the steps.
  • The Existing customers click on login.
  • Enter User Name and Random Code on the prompt box and click on "Next".
  • Enter your security code and click on "Next".
  • Enter your valid password and click on "Login".
  • Now you access your account successfully.

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